Indie Shmindie

  • Q What album would you bring to a desert island with you?
  • A Each copy of Now Thats' What I Call Music; I could wrap them in bamboo, bind them good and tight, and sail that mother home to where I keep Radiohead's OK Computer.
  • Q The first concert you ever went to?
  • A Metallica at the RDS.
  • Q If you could rob the vocal chord of any singer, who would it be?
  • A Thom Yorke of course.
  • Q What song is your speciality at a karaoke?
  • A Don't do karaoke, I'm a party pooper.
  • Q If you could erase one band from existence, who would it be?
  • A Aslan. No wait Coldplay. No wait, Aslan. Wait, Coldplay.
  • Q Out of all the venues in Ireland, where’s your favourite?
  • A The Olympia Theatre in Dublin.
  • Q Tell us something about you that people don’t know...
  • A I can recite the 50 states of America.
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