On the eve of St. Patrick’s, Vicar Street is bustling with a different kind of energy than its regular model suggests. It feels a little like everyone is enjoying the bank holiday, judging by the amount of chatter in the venue. So much in fact that the ‘Jameson St Patrick Live’ kicks off with duo We Cut Corners attempting to deliver a set to what must feel like a roomful of strangers. John Duignan and Conall Ó Breacháin played a blinder. So adept at displaying a delicate balance of high energy and fragility, the duo must eventually succumb to the surroundings and lay down their arms in appeasement.

Onstage second, Delorentos dish up an enriched set; as you’d expect from a group who recently wrapped up a European tour not to be sniffed at. The boys from Dublin were bang on cue and did their best to seek cracks among the incessant noise from the audience. Killer versions of Sparks and Show Me Love help to get the energy levels up, and illustrates what a great band Delorentos are.

Then comes the arrival of headliners, Little Green Cars. In the relatively early stages of what will undoubtedly be a lengthy musical career, the only thing more exciting than Little Green Cars’ musical achievements to date, is their potential. Renditions of Harper Lee, My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me and Please are played with a of matter-of-factness (as would any band who’ve toured their debut album to such an extent). The overall sound in the venue lacks the bite it briefly held earlier, and this lends to a further dwindle of interest from the crowd. A shame really, for the band try on, laboriously. The John Wayne ultimately represents the highlight of the evening. At long last, the lighting from up above finally pivots into action, creating a far more appetising stage show, albeit a tad late. Appleby and his choir of voices proclaim; “it’s easy to fall in love..it’s easy to fall in love with you” with such astounding definition. It’s wonderfully numbing.

Jameson Live was a blend of live music with a twist of a bank holiday, and while the atmosphere was diluted, the looming lie-in kept spirits high.