Showcasing a well-blended merge of folk, blues and country; ‘Conversation Amongst The Ruins’ is the masterly debut EP from Limerick six-piece Randolf & the Crokers.

Hangin’ demonstrates a wonderfully layered sound, buoyed mostly by the simple cry of a harmonica, hand in hand dual vocals and a seamless arrangement. Foot tappers beware! Warfare creeps into motion with white static, strident in nature, but is soon dispersed to a mere shimmer and singer Clare O’Brien takes the fore with her voices’ beautiful tone. Charming in nature, the song navigates fairly undramatically until it reaches a clambered march to the finish – each instrument manoeuvring its license to lead out from the front.

Resembling a certain Ryan Adams, History brings a bright country-pop feel, but with the sentiments of a ballad, a sound which nestles lightly into the bosom of your soul. Lyrics such as “you were magic, you were mystery, now you’re history” resonate well amid the pensive tone of the song. Further providing fulfilment, The Trace displays a lovely sentimentality, set against a drowsy tempo, and yet the whole thing feels firmly rooted in a steady swathe of rich melody and mojo.

With a catchy and accomplished sound overall, Randolf & the Crokers are well worth your time for a listen. Check out the debut video from the band below.