Trivium at the Academy, Dublin, 17 June, 2014. 

It’s been an arduous six-year wait for Trivium fans in Ireland to see the return of their metal idols. Arriving in Dublin’s Academy off the back of their latest album, ‘Vengeance Falls,’ the American outfit come to display what many consider one of the best live metal acts around.

While the fans out front cheer wildly in advance of show time, drum-tech Mat Madiro (also the stand-in drummer for the current tour) takes his seat between a pairing of Goliath ‘T’s’ and a stage design akin to Castle Black, a la ‘Game Of Thrones’.

Once joined by his fellow members, and the scene set upon the darkest of moods, the Florida-native rockers rip into an obliteration of the ears. Quite surprisingly, between the usual allotment of screaming vocals, time-bending riffs and machine-gun-like drums, there are moments of credible pop – albeit solely from singer Matt Heafy’s mastering voice. The new album, and new approach appears to soften the edges of their sound, with little or no compromise of their roots.

Strife, with its wonderfully intricate drum patterns and hypnotising guitar licks, attains a further level of hypnosis via lead guitarist Corey Beaulieu’s neck-wrenching windmill display. Heafy draws his breath and allows a brief moment of respite. He details the flimsy Irish roots of the band, humourously claiming he’s “the only Asian guy who grows a ginger beard.”

Joking aside, they crank things up and lavish the crowd with a hurricane of sound by means of Throes of Perdition, and A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation – a modern metal classic.

In recent years, Trivium fired drummer Travis Smith, and replaced him with their drum tech, Nick Augusto. Strangely, Augusto was then fired, and for the time being at least, they’re using their current drum-tech, Mat Madiro. Rather amusingly, the band’s previous drummer, Smith, posted a comment on the notice that Augusto had departed, claiming he is “still available.” Metal soap opera at its best.

The foursome ignite yet again, this time sparked appropriately by Like Light To The Flies, their first ever single. The common energy between band and audience is quite something, especially considering it’s the hottest day of the year. Fatigue has been condemned upon the brave staff instead, collecting bodies that come awash from the tide of the crowd.

Now entering a spell of fan-favourites, the band play the (almost) radio-friendly Dying In Your Arms and Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr, to which the crowd goes absolutely ballistic. Lead masterfully by singer Matt Heafy, Trivium close an accomplished set with In Waves.

Trivium fans, and indeed metal fans the world over, are an incredibly loyal bunch. And their loyalty, by means of the virtue of patience, was well-rewarded tonight. Another six-year wait? Now that would be a show.

We recently spoke to Corey Beaulieu about Trivium’s history and a possible future direction. Read our full interview here