So you want to write for GoldenPlec? Well that’s fantastic to hear and we’re delighted to impress you enough to want to write for us as a publication. We are a close knit team of writers and photographers and we have fun doing it. Here is all the details you need to know about GoldenPlec before you submit yourself to be a writer.

Volunteer Network

GoldenPlec is entirely volunteer ran. From the news, reviews, competitions and interviews, everything is done by volunteers who are doing it for experience, practice or for fun. Some of our writers have been picked up for print and major online publications too, so there can be a benefit, if your writing is good enough.

We run this in a controlled volunteer method of nothing is assigned to you that you don’t sign up for. If you do however sign up for something you will be expected to complete it in a timely manner. Failure to do this will result in ejection from the team. The only thing we ask for is reliability for items you want to do.

Gig / Interviews / Album / EP Reviews

We review tons of gigs each week/month and review plenty of albums too. We get albums before they are released, we get interviews with acts right through the spectrum from rising stars to international superstars. We put these opportunities to our team and those who are interested take them on a first come first serve basis.

Is There Paid Work?

Unfortunately no. Even our Administrator who spends hours each day running the site is unpaid. We pump what little advertising money we receive back into the site to improve the site, buy equipment to allow us to do further things. Any equipment we have will be made available to GoldenPlec writers/photographers should they need the use of it. Our aim is to be capable of providing tools to be creative and innovative with our content and enable the people involved in the site.

That sounds great, how do I apply?

You can send us three samples of your writing. Music based is far preferred so that we can see you are knowledgeable on the topics. You can send these samples to admin <at> goldenplec <dot> com and we will go through the pieces and make a decision. We try not to overload the team with too many writers so sometimes we will just not be in a position to add new writers even if you are good enough. We try to accomodate where possible and we ask on Twitter and Facebook when looking for new writers for the site to fill holes left by existing team members.

Is there anything else?

If you use Facebook, that’s a plus as we use it for a lot of team decisions, feedback, notifications and updates. We would like if you were also on Twitter as with all your writing you should be proud enough of it to share through your channels. Other than that, if you join the team we hope you enjoy it and have fun helping us be one of Ireland’s most useful music resources online that is entirely volunteer led.

Sounds like something you or your mate might be into? Let them know!

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