Lawson – Roads

Aidan Cuffe Apr 01 2015

Villagers – Darling Arithmetic | Promo Video

Ros Madigan Apr 01 2015

That headline may seem like an April Fools Day joke but for the purposes of hilarity – it’s not!

In this promo video for Villagers upcoming new album, ‘Darling Arithmetic’, you can see Conor draw a nude picture of David, see him run the 100m in 20-odd seconds and see Conor answer some rather amazing questions on his upcoming new release.


Sam Smith – Lay Me Down

Aidan Cuffe Mar 31 2015

Brandon Flowers – Can’t Deny My Love

Aidan Cuffe Mar 31 2015

Passion Pit – Lifted Up

Aidan Cuffe Mar 30 2015

Anna’s Anchor – Mirabell

Aidan Cuffe Mar 26 2015

Mini Mansions – Vertigo

Aidan Cuffe Mar 26 2015

Trinity Orchestra play Gorillaz

Aidan Cuffe Mar 25 2015