The magic number

We’re very excited to be announcing the 3rd issue of GoldenPlec Magazine. After our first two issues (read ’em here if you missed them), we’ve been continually blown away by the amazing reactions from everyone. So far, the magazines have reached far and wide including Dublin to Cork, to the UK to Spain and even Seoul, South Korea. Let’s see where issue three takes us, shall we? :)

What’s in it?

  • Interview – Bitch Falcon
  • Interview – Myles O’Reilly
  • Interview – Lisa Hannigan
  • Feature – Why Music Photography Matters
  • Album & EP Reviews
  • And much more

How much is it?

It’s free! That’s a big fat €0, my friend. You’re welcome!

When can I get it?

We’re starting distribution on Friday (31st July) and will continue over the weekend and into next week – with most places being stocked by Monday (3rd August). They disappeared pretty quickly last time so don’t wait too long!

Keep an eye out on Twitter for real time updates on when the #GoldenPlecMag is in your local pickup point.

Be sound…

…and help us spread the word about GoldenPlec’s new Magazine. If you have music loving friends and you think they’ll enjoy what we have to offer, send this link to them. Or help us by entering our Electric Picnic competition below :)

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Where can I get it?

Distribution points are largely the same as the first two issues. So, if you picked one up, head back to the same place and you’ll be able to get the new one. There’s a few new locations added below too. If it has the delivered icon, you can grab one at that location.


Tower Records Dawson – Delivered-Icon-2
Twisted Pepper – Delivered-Icon-2
Whelan’s – Delivered-Icon-2
Workmans – Delivered-Icon-2
Bison Bar – Delivered-Icon-2
The Ink Shop – Delivered-Icon-2
The Grand Social – Delivered-Icon-2
The Ink Shop – Delivered-Icon-2
Foam Cafe – Delivered-Icon-2
Lemon Jelly – Delivered-Icon-2
Oxfam paliament Street – Delivered-Icon-2
Olympia Theatre Box Office – Delivered-Icon-2
IFI – Delivered-Icon-2
Abner Brownes – Delivered-Icon-2
Sweeney’s – Delivered-Icon-2
Bleeding Horse – Delivered-Icon-2
Walton’s – Delivered-Icon-2
Musicmaker – Delivered-Icon-2
Sams Barber – Delivered-Icon-2
Itsa coffee shop exchequer St. – Delivered-Icon-2
Boojum South – Delivered-Icon-2
Boojum North – Delivered-Icon-2
Sound Cellar – Delivered-Icon-2
Odessa Club – Delivered-Icon-2
Spin Dizzy Records – Delivered-Icon-2
Slice Stoneybatter – Delivered-Icon-2
Simon’s Cafe – Delivered-Icon-2
Clement & Pekoe – Delivered-Icon-2
Platinum Barbers, Swords 
Fumbally Cafe – Delivered-Icon-2
The Thomas House – Delivered-Icon-2
HMV Dundrum – Delivered-Icon-2
SomeNeck Guitars – Delivered-Icon-2
Panti Bar – Delivered-Icon-2
Bedford Stuy Barbers, Temple Bar – Delivered-Icon-2
Tola Vintage, Temple Bar – Delivered-Icon-2


Plugd – Delivered-Icon-2
Repall – Delivered-Icon-2
The Bookshelf Coffee House – Delivered-Icon-2
Webworkhouse – Delivered-Icon-2


An Pucan – En Route (Expected Aug 8th)
Roisin Dubh – En Route (Expected Aug 8th)


Chocolate Brown – Tullamore


Spirit Store – Delivered-Icon-2


Dolans Warehouse


Thurles Library Delivered-Icon-2
The Source Arts Centre, Thurles Delivered-Icon-2


Rough Trade

Can’t get to any of the above locations?
We know not everyone can get their hands on a copy so we will be putting it up online. Keep your eye on our Facebook / Twitter to find out as soon as we do.

Stay Informed

We’re gonna send a newsletter out as soon as we’ve distributed the magazine and it’ll tell you exactly where you can pick up yours. Sign up here

So that’s that then…

We hope you get a chance to grab a copy and we really hope you enjoy it. Just be sure to tweet us with a photo when you get your mag! :)