Released at April’s end, ‘Resolute’ is the new album from Dublin duo, Kid Coy. Comprised of Tom Doyle (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and Dermot O’Neill (Vocals/Keyboards), Kid Coy’s music is an attempt at blending alternative pop with electronica for an interesting, if already successful, sound of the past.

Far from ground-breaking, we’re met with September, an acoustic-based opener which  follows the form of snore-laden Snow Patrol. Sprinkled with unappealing harmonies this track fails to reach the anthemic heights it so dearly pursues. Debut single, Sun God, is the first distinguishable track with which the group stake their claim as credible writers. Their gentle approach to electronica has an endearing quality, yet the music overall doesn’t excite. The main issue is the sheer lack of percussive value in the mix; it’s as if the drums are merely there to appease the listener. Resolute begins with ethereal synths, picked guitars but no real sense of direction. It drifts aimlessly throughout the entire three-and-a-half-minute passage.

The first sign of exciting originality comes in the form of The Wrong Side Of Town, with its more defined vocals sound, reviving a mood forgone. Yet, besides some interesting synth effects, the eventual journey of the track is somewhat similar to what came before. Summed in one word; dull.

‘Resolute’ was recorded and produced by Irish producer Karl Odlum (Gemma Hayes, Kila, The Frames, David Kitt); a surprising revelation considering the fact this is the band’s debut full-length album. Odlum also guest appears as the albums bass player but clearly something went awry along the way in terms of direction as the album lacks energy and pace.  

Be it deliberate or not, Mood Swinging lends its introduction from the Gary Jules’ version of ‘Mad World’ (originally Tears For Fears) and fails to garner any momentum by the decision to maintain it as a instrumental piece.

As a whole this album lacks clarity in sound, any real sense of purpose, and vocals which would dilute even the most avid coffee-drinker’s mood and pronounce he or she asleep.