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Submitting Singles & Videos for Promo

We love getting your new music and want to know in advance as to when it's coming out.

(Note: Seperate form below for albums/EPs for review.)

If you want to submit a single/video for consideration for our various new music features, playlist inclusion or podcast/radio plays - please fill in the below form:

Submitting Albums/EPs For Review?

We review:

  • Albums
  • EP

We prefer submissions via permanent digital links via the form above. We are a small volunteer team so we CANNOT guarantee a review but we do our best to get to as much of everything that is submitted to us. Our Irish band submissions receive priority.

Please do not send an entire album as an attachment in pieces of several mails. The less clicks to get your music, the more likely we are to use it.


If you would like to offer us a premiere of your song, video, EP, album - please contact us in advance with all the details.

Contact Us On

Please use the forms above, if not, you can email us at


Sending bits 'n' pieces

Currently accepting merch/vinyl (all deliveries will be shared to social media for promo) - Mail and we will send you with a forwarding address. *No CD's / Tapes -  we don't have a player for them*


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