Hailing from Greystones, Co. Wicklow, Redwoods are a three-piece pop and rock outfit whose smiley-happy music may be capable of making one go a little delirious with glee. If you think the Kooks left an imprint on a generation yet to age, you’d be wrong. But a few imitators will inevitably sneak through the cracks, only to surface with good salutations.

Coffee Song agonisingly opens proceedings with painful optimism. Too cynical? Perhaps, yes. But after establishing a catchy melody, Redwoods are quick to shift the rhythm, a number of times, which causes a sense of disconnect. Lead singer Elliot Crampton sings, tongue-in-cheek; “I’ll take my clothes back my dear,” and it’s the stand-out lyric in a song filled with words seemingly written by someone who’s watched too many rom-coms.

However, although juvenile lyrics are unappealing to those who’ve genuinely suffered through life’s battle with love; it might appeal to those who’ve never been in a relationship. Too cynical? Nah.

I’ll See You Again starts with more urgency and originality than the opener. The chorus raises feelings of deja vu, which is often a good thing for musicians. Lead singer Elliot Crampton displays qualities in his voice, but fails to really make his point lyrically, and the song goes by without making its mark.

Fallen sounds like a stock riff from a Guitar Hero game on the Xbox. Lyrics like “I wanna go where the people go,” fail to catch the imagination and the loose drums and guitar hinder any flow the song may have developed. Tired Eyes is the best track on the EP; it delivers a “woah-oh-ohh” anthem cliché chorus and it feels like a decent attempt.

Fans of The Riptide Movement, McBusted and The Coronas may have the pallet for this sort of G-rated soft-pop. But for those of you looking for something with more depth and imagination: look elsewhere.