Ireland Music Week returns this October 6-8 for its annual showcase event, highlighting the best of up-and-coming acts in the country to international industry experts. We’ve selected 20 acts for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home – with all performances streaming on-line due to the pandemic.

The quality on offer this year is extremely high, perhaps the best ever, and it was really hard to distil this line-up down to just 20 acts. but here goes in no particular order.

Denise Chaila

The undisputed success story of Irish music in 2020. Denise Chaila has wowed us with inspirational TV performances and powerful lyrics. We have no doubt that she will have something special up her sleeve for this one. Tues Oct 6, 20:35

Christian Cohle

Dublin electro-pop artist Christian Cohle has impressed this year with dark singles such as Wallflower and Ghost ahead of the release of his debut album ‘Holy Trouble’. You can expect impressive vocals and cinematic soundscapes from this performance. Tues Oct 6, 20:55


Those of you who remember Bad Sea won’t be surprised at the success of CMAT’s first three solo singles. Her zany online presence has been the perfect tonic during this depressing period. CMAT is a box ready pop star. She’s set for the big time. Tues Oct 6, 20:40


Ciara LIndsey AKA Kynsy released her debut single Cold Blue Light this August which has racked up over 50,000 streams to date. We have high hopes for Kynsy. That’s why we selected her to be a Plec Pick for 2020. One for fans of ‘Pinkerton’ era Weezer. Wed Oct 7, 20:30


Quietly becoming one of the success stories in Irish music recently, Luz has successfully infiltrated Irish radio with songs such as I’m Lonely and We’ll Be Fine. Her cover of Dua Lipa’s Don’t Start Now caught the attention of the superstar who posted a video on her social media platforms, singing along to Luz’s version of the track. One for fans of piano ballads with super massive choruses. Wed Oct 7, 20:40

Patricia Lalor

At just 14-years-old, Patricia Lalor is the youngest performers at Ireland Music Week 2020, but she has more than earned her place on the line-up thanks to an impressive string of singles which she has written, produced and played all the instruments on. She’s racked up millionS of views on YouTube and over a million streams on Spotify. Exciting things lie ahead for this one. Wed Oct 7, 20:25


Irish hip hop’s ‘Mr Nice’, Nealo‘s forthcoming album ‘All The Leaves Are Falling’ (out Oct 30th) is set to be one of the musical events of 2020. Full of emotionally charged love-letters to Dublin and scathing socio-political commentary, you’d be hard pressed to find a more authentic representation of Dublin in Irish hip hop right now. Thurs Oct 8, 21:05

Aoife Nessa Frances

Ex-Princess singer-songwriter Aoife Nessa Frances‘ debut album ‘Land Of No Junction’ was the first great Irish album of 2020, brimming with a phenomenal heady mix of starkly beautiful Nick Drake and Aldous Harding-esque folk songs. ‘Land Of No Junction’ was subsequently the subject of a TimsTwitterListeningParty, The Charlatans frontman having unsuccessfully tried to sign Frances to his own label prior to the release of the album. Thurs Oct 8, 20:55

Local Boy

You may be familiar with Burner Records co-founder Local Boy aka Jake Hurley due to his appearance on Tebi Rex’s I Never Got Off The Bus and his collaboration with Nealo and Lacuna, Memories Fade from Cbakl’s recent EP ‘Where Do We Go’. This young hip hop mogul is ready to take his label to the next level in 2021. Wed Oct 7, 20:50

Fia Moon

One of the most played Irish female acts of 2020 on Irish radio, Fia Moon is gearing up for the release of her debut mixtape featuring the singles Better Days and XX. One for fans of smooth radio-friendly R’N’B / pop grooves. Tues Oct 6, 20:50

Dark Tropics

Comprised of 19-year-old singer/songwriter Rio and producer/songwriter Gerard, Northern Irish duo Dark Tropics burst onto the scene in 2020 with their impressive debut single Badlands. Their debut album is set for release on NI label Quiet Arch and they have just shared their second single Moroccan Sun. Definitely one to keep an eye out for in 2021. Wed Oct 7, 21:10

God Knows

Irish hip hop’s Father Christmas, God Knows raised the profile of Irish hip hop from derision to mainstream as part of the Choice Music Prize winning act Rusangano Family. He has been slowly raising his own profile with solo releases for the last 2 years and is set to explode in 2021. Thurs Oct 8, 20:50


Not to be outdone by God Knows, Rusangano Family’s MuRli has also been ploughing ahead with his solo career, building up an impressive list of production credits including Denise Chaila and dropping absolute stone cold bangers like Till The Wheels Fall Off. Thurs Oct 8, 20:05


London-based Belfast export DYVR has been bubbling under the radar since the release of his debut EP ‘Part One’ in 2019. The sparse electro practitioner’s 2020 single Ocean saw him hook-up with fellow gay artist St. Bishop with impressive results. Thurs Oct 8, 20:45


Modernlove. have been gaining lots of admirers thanks to a string of appearances on Spotify’s New Muic Friday playlist. The Drogheda four-piece pop-rock band recently signed with Paradigm Talent Agency, home to the likes of Billie Eilish and Everything Everything and look set to receive a serious push once the music world is back up and running. Wed Oct 7, 20:15

Hazey Haze

PX Music’s Hazey Haze is one of the most unique voices in Irish hip hop today. Fluidly mixing Irish and English together with Limerick slang his eccentric wordplay is fierce, fiery and unmistakably Limerick. Thurs Oct 8, 20:35


Following the success of Birds of Paradise in 2018, PowPig slowed down and eventually took a brief hiatus so that several members could complete their Leaving Cert. That trifling issue now out of the way the girls are back and ready to rock again. Picking straight back up with the kind of impressive output that made us select them as a Plec Pick for 2019. –  Wed Oct 7, 20:45


Celaviedmai has been plugging away for a number of years now, but over the course of the last 18 months, she’s begun to grab attention for her commanding and powerful releases & performances. If you’re looking for Irish female MCs – look no further than Celaviedmai (a Plec Pick in 2020) Tues Oct 6, 21:05


A 2020 Plec Pick, Shiv has become one of the breakthrough Irish artists of 2020 – building on the success of her 2019 releases Golden, Here and Over – with Golden already amassing 1.5million streams online. If its slick RnB/Soul/Pop melodies you’re after, Shiv’s yo gal. Wed Oct 7, 20:35


Another 2020 Plec Pick, Toshín impressed with their raucous live performances in 2019 and early 2020 – but then, you know, the whole world went and closed up itself! So being able to see a Toshín live performance again, will be a lovely musical treat – don’t miss it! Thurs Oct 8, 21:20

Tickets to Ireland Music Week are on sale – here. Check out the full line-up below.