Cork-based experimental electronic artist Kelly Doherty, better known as Gadget and The Cloud, has dropped her very first self-directed music video for the song Too Soon To Say.

The song blends simple ambient, electronic instrumentation and subdued, atmospheric beats to create a thought-provoking track which offers listeners the opportunity to take the time to reflect on what has come and gone, and reminisce of times of true joy and happiness, times which are often subdued by the deluge of information that comes with the information age.  The video for the track, an art-house ode to momentum, works to represents the fast-paced 2018 which Doherty has just left behind.

Speaking about this new track, Doherty explains the songs deeper meaning  by noting “Due to constant social media connectivity and the pressure to be productive at all times, I feel like I get stuck in a daily routine on autopilot for almost weeks at a time and I start to forget who I actually am and what I actually want from life”.  

This video and single follows Gadget and The Cloud’s recent performances at festivals such as Sounds From A Safe Harbour and The Open Ear Festival, as well as her more recent slot supporting US artist Negative Gemini for her show in the Grand Social last year.