Saint Sister, Jafaris and Kormac’s track Causing Trouble has earned itself a music video as part of Three’s #MadebyMusic initiative.

Speaking about the production of the track, Kormac noted that he was only given a day and a half to pull all the various elements of the song together, “I didn’t have any time to live with it! I actually only had a day and a half to do it, start to finish, so I had little choice but to go with my gut on it. When I got the individual parts from Morgan and Gemma, I decided to twist Gemma’s harp part into something really different and build from there. I needed to carve out some space for Jafaris to add his verses and then try and merge their two styles into something that made some sort of sonic sense.”

The song manages to perfectly distil each artist’s unique style seamlessly together, allowing everyone involved space to showcase their supreme talent. Discussing his verses on the song, Jafaris admitted it was the original track’s instrumentation inspired his lyrics, “It was the instrumentation that spoke to me first, that alone was already so powerful. The lyrics inspired me because of how poetic they are, the subject matter was straightforward, it gave me heartbreak vibes so I took my pen in that direction. I talk along the lines of heartbreak but I also speak on my take on freedom and justice.”

Saint Sisters were quick to heap praise on both Kormac and Jafaris and were delighted to play their part in the project. “This one felt like it really clicked” they said, of the song’s creation, “each individual voice brought something so different. When Kormac first sent through the remix it was like hearing it in a new context with a new lease of life. Hearing Jafaris’ verses for the first time was another brilliant moment. And playing it live is the best part. They bring so much energy to every performance, it’s always a joy to stand beside them on stage.”

The video for this special ‘Causing Trouble’ remix was shot at Saint Sister’s first headline show in the Olympia Theatre earlier this year.