Ian Sweet has dropped a video for her latest single Holographic Jesus ahead of her European tour which stops in Dublin next month. The video takes its cue from one of the song’s lyrics “The sun on my wrist, on my wrist, it’s never felt like this.”  Directed by Marty Tzonev (whose recent credits include tour visuals for Julianna Barwick), the video centres around things that Jilian Medford aka Ian Sweet  does using her wrist, featuring an array of colourful objects in perpetual motion.

“‘Holographic Jesus’ is a song based around collecting holographic Jesus posters from various bodegas and dollar stores while living in Brooklyn.” says Medforsd explaining the song’s origin. “I am in no way religious but I hung them up all over my room and was constantly finding the nuances and idiosyncrasies of each one. You could turn your head the slightest and see an entirely different image reflected. I felt connected to that idea. Some people collect ceramic frogs or action figures but I collect holographic Jesus posters. This song is about the things I went through in that room while these posters were so to speak ‘watching over me.'”

Ian Sweet plays The Grand Social on February 11th. Tickets €13.54.