Heading to Electric Picnic 2016 this weekend? If so you'll want to catch the best of Irish as well of international acts. Here at GoldenPlec we've compiled a handy guide to twenty of the best Irish acts appearing across the weekend. Ireland's music scene is in great shape presently and all of the acts below and many more besides are well worth checking out.


Talos 2 - Plec Picks

Talos aka Eoin French has just released 'O Sanctum', an unsurprisingly beautiful and melancholic yet somehow joyous collection of songs to backup the promise he displayed with previous singles Tethered Bones and In Time.

When & Where? Body & Soul Mainstage on Friday @ 20:00 and Little Big Tent on Sunday @ 15:30

What It Will Sound Like:

Too Fools

Too Fools is the musical collaboration of Steven McCann & Lorcán O'Dwyer with a little help from their funky, funky friends. Too Fools' live show is well worth checking out if you are a fan of the classic large ensemble soul sound.

Where & When? Body & Soul Mainstage, Friday @ 21:15

What It Will Sound Like:

Rusangano Family

Rusangano Family at The Workman's Club by Owen Humphreys The Limerick trio helped put Irish hip-hop on the international stage in 2016 with their breakout debut album 'Let The Dead Bury The Dead' which charged head-first into the complexities of Irish life. Not only is it the best Irish hip-hop album of the year it rests comfortably in the top ten hip-hop albums worldwide in 2016.

When & Where? Other Voices, Friday @ 23:00 also Little Big Tent, Saturday @ 19:00

What It Will Sound Like:

Saint Sister

Saint Sister - Plec Pick 2016

Saint Sister are a delightful blend of the old and the new mixing harp and hauntingly pure vocals with modern machines; thehe results are a transfixing blend of eerie pop goodness. Saint Sister wowed crowds at the GoldenPlec Stage at Vantastival this Summer and we highly recommend that you catch Morgan MacIntyre and Gemma Doherty live, you won't be sorry.

When & Where? Other Voices, Friday @ 21:05, Little Big Tent, Sunday @ 16:45

What It Will Sound Like:

Booka Brass Band

Booka Brass Band - Vicar Street - Dublin - Tara Thomas

Booka Brass Band are at the forefront of the reinvigorated and reinvented Irish big band scene. Booka Brass Band mix their own compositions with modern R'n'B tracks by the likes of  Beyonce given a good time makeover to ensure everybody has a good time. But be warned don't go unless you are prepared to get down.

When & Where? Other Voices, Friday @ 14:00

What It Will Sound Like:


Bell X1 at Vicar St by Owen Humphreys

Bell X1 are certainly the elder statesmen on this list but as their recent Vicar St. shows displayed the group are in fine fettle and are about to release their latest album 'Arms' in October. You can expect tributes to Prince and Bowie in their set as well as a pile of  classic Irish tracks.

When & Where? Main Stage, Saturday @ 20:30

What It Will Sound Like:

King Kong Company

King Kong Company - Tara Thomas

If you can't have fun at a King Kong Company show you should seek medical attention because you may in fact be dead. King Kong Company shows eveoke the carnage of early rave culture with the band getting get into their boxes so you can get out of yours. The band leave it all on the stage and demand the crowd do likewise. You better save your best moves for this one and be prepared to shout "Mon da fuck".

When & Where? Crosby Stage, Saturday @ 23:00

What It Will Sound Like:

Wyvern Lingo

1843_KnockanStockan 2016_Michelle Geraghty_0259

Ireland's premiere vocal harmony group Wyvern Lingo have morphed into a sleek R'N'B rock hybrid recently with stunning results in the form of their latest EP 'Letter To Willow'. The UK and America are taking notice so catch them before they take the world by storm.

When & Where? Electric Arena, Saturday @ 15.15

What It Will Sound Like:


Otherkin 10 - Plec Picks

Short, sharp and ballsy, Otherkin are mad bastards. Just look at that bath, we found them like that, we didn't ask them to get in. Their live shows are probably wilder than the Pope fears Maynooth's Grinder scene is. There will be sweat and their will be fury and you could as easily end up onstage or with a band member stood on your shoulders

When & Where? Crosby Stage, Saturday @ 18:45

What It Will Sound Like:


GoldenBeck: Barq at The Workmans Club by Owen Humphreys

BARQ call themselves "agro soul" thanks to lead singer Jessica Kavanagh's cutting lyrics which aren't afraid to tackle intimate issues with a keen observational swagger. The band swagger in equal measure laying down funky rhythms and beats for Kavanagh's powerful vocal chords to explore.

When & Where? Little Big Tent, Saturday @ 15:25

What It Will Sound Like:

Rejjie Snow

Rejjie Snow The Button factory Dublin

Alex Anyaegbunam aka Rejjie Snow is one of the most coveted Irish hip-hop acts around. His debut mixtape gained the attention of DJs such as Annie Mac and Zane Lowe and his debut single All Around The World kept it. Snow has just released a new single Keep Your Head Up so expect to hear it and other material from his as yet unreleased debut album.

Where & When? Rankin's Wood Stage, Saturday 17:00

What It Will Sound Like:

Aine Cahill

Aine Cahill Plec Picks

Another incredibly powerful female vocal joins our list in the shape of Cavan songstress Aine Cahill. Cahill is best known for Black Dahlia a jazz tinged track that would grace any film noir soundtrack

Where & When? Little Big Tent, Saturday @ 13:00. Body & Soul Main Stage, Saturday @ 18:15

What It Will Sound Like:

Hilary Woods


Hilary Woods has just released the record of her career 'Heartbox' EP so what better time to catch her live than at her peak.

Where & When? Body & Soul Main Stage, Saturday @ 15:00.  Earthship Stage, Sunday @ 15:20

What It Will Sound Like:

Le Galaxie

Le Galaxie at RDS by James Murray

Le Galaxie are Irish festival mainstays for a reason, their live shows celebrate as Jape would say, "What it is to be young." And from first '80s beat to the joyful conclusion - in the form of the theme from Jurassic Park - you know you are guaranteed to witness a spectacle.

Where & When? Other Voices, Saturday @ 21:45

What It Will Sound Like:


Loah at Body&Soul by Owen Humphreys
Loah is the undisputed queen of Ireland's neo-soul scene. A born performer, Loah weaves African rhthyms and R'N'B together, cherrypicking elements of rock and funk to create an intense, visceral live experience. Loah has collaborated to great effect with Hozier in the past and more recently with cult electro act Bantum. Wherever Loah goes next you're guaranteed it will be interesting to listen to.

Where & When? Other Voices, Sunday @ 15:00

What It Will Sound Like:

Slow Place Like Home

Slow Place Like Home at The Workmans Club by Colm Kelly-0021

From the depths of the Donegal wilderness, Slow Place Like Home create dark, sparse electro, inspired by the copse and solitude that prevails their thinly populated surroundings. Keith Mannion and co have picked up a cult following in recent times and celebrity fans in the shape of Oh Wonder.

Where & When? Body & Soul Main Stage, Sunday @ 18:00

What It Will Sound Like:

Farah Elle

2032_KnockanStockan 2016_Michelle Geraghty_9873
Farah Elle is one of the shining lights to appear from BIMM Dublin in recent years. Elle and co. recieved a standing ovaation for their standout performance at Knockanstockan earlier this summer and we wouldn't be one bit surprised if it happens again at Electric Picnic such is Farah Elle's talent as a singer and songwriter.

Where & When? Oxjam Stage, Sunday @ 19:00

What It Will Sound Like:

Shit Robot


Marcus Lambkin aka Shit Robot is one of Ireland's finest ever electronic musician. Don't believe us? just ask LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy, who signed Shit Robot to DFA Records in 2006. Shit Robot has since released 3 lauded albums his latest 'What Follows' features amongst others Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) and Patrick Mahoney (LCD SoundSystem) Expect a rollercoaster ride through the history and future of electronic beats.

Where & When? Little Big Tent, Sunday @ 20:30.

What It Will Sound Like:

Bitch Falcon

Bitch Falcon The Hangar James Murray-0179

Bitch Falcon are Ireland's finest heavy rock act in an age. The Dublin trio are an old school riff factory, delivering crushing riffs and ear-splitting bass and drums. Their debut album is the rarest of things amongst Irish critics -truly, highly anticipated. Be sure and bring earplugs if you want to be able to hear in the near future.

When and Where? The Jerry Fish Sideshow Tent, Sunday @ 21:00

What It Will Sound Like:

Overhead, The Albatross


Overhead, The Albatross released their debut album 'Learning To Growl' a complex and intricate post-rock record earlier this year. So intricate in fact that it took six years - that's a year per member - to deliver. Was it six years well spent? Let de facto frontman Joe Panama take you by the hand and lead you on a magical mytery tour of sound and find out for yourself.

When & Where? Body & Soul Mainstage, Sunday @ 02:45