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  • Q What album would you bring to a desert island with you?
  • A The Stone Roses, self-titled
  • Q Single most embarrassing album you ever bought?
  • A Swedish House Mafia - Until Now. Cmere though, it slapped in its day (during its two week shelf life)
  • Q If you could rob the vocal chords of any singer, who would it be?
  • A Frank Ocean. No actually, I could never pull that off. Morrissey.
  • Q sdf
  • A sdf
  • Q What song is your specialty at karaoke?
  • A Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others. Or True Faith. Ones that don't require high notes, basically. I've also been known to do a great Kanye, but I don't remember those occasions myself.
  • Q If you could erase one act from existence, who would it be?
  • A Shahuda Davitt #bringbacksinead
  • Q Out of all the venues in Ireland, where's your favourite?
  • A Spirit Store (Dundalk), Grand Social
  • Q Tell us something about you that people don't know.
  • A I live in Moscow. And yes, I am in the KGB.
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