The Redneck Manifesto

When:  Friday // 10.30pm // The Salty Dog

What To Expect:  After lying dormant for five years, the first great post-rock band to emerge from Ireland return in support of their forthcoming new album. It'll be a frenetic, kinetic performance and expect Richie Egan to be at full tilt.

Highlight:Who the hell knows what the new set list will sound like but let’s hope I Don’t Speak the Money Language, I Just Here It is still there.

What It Will Sound Like:


When: Saturday // 7.30pm // Global Green Stage

What To Expect: What can we say about Max Zaska that hasn't been said already? A GP Plec Pick for 2015 - the man himself has vowed to "bring the funk to dizzying new heights". It was only a little over a year ago that Zaska sent the KnockanStockan crowd into a frenzy in his headline slot. So expect the same - expect to dance - expect to bring the funk.

Highlight: Different Light at a festival is hard to beat (see below).

What It Will Sound Like:

Dah Jevu

When: Friday // 1am // Oxjam Stage

What To Expect: Simply put, Dah Jevu are one of the most exciting and diverse acts currently on the Irish music scene. A shining beacon of Ireland's burgeoning rap scene - Dah Jevu are a well oiled and polished product. The verses are inventive, cutting, dark, playful and their live band are just as impressive too with highly technical breakdowns and sample trickery. With the right backing, this band could go international - so be sure to catch them before they blow up.

Highlight: Their whole set pours with quality but here's hoping Bobby Basil repeats his acapella rap as seen this year at BARE in the Woods.

What It Will Sound Like:

Frankenstein Bolts

When: Saturday // 1pm - 1.30pm // Body and Soul Main stage

What To Expect:  Part alt folk part synth pop – all gorgeousness. Since casting a ray of sunshine last year with Slow Season, Justin Cullen has since teamed up with Dan Comerford and they’ve even more dreamlike than before.

Highlight: There’s a lot to enjoy, but Sleeping Sacks is still a special tune.

What It Will Sound Like:

Sinead White

When: Saturday // 00:00am // Oxjam Stage

What To Expect: Sinead White, another one of our Plec Picks for 2015, is currently setting out her stall as one of the most talented pop vocalists in Ireland. Couple her quick wit and lyrical playfulness together and you've got a highly engaging, entertaining, funny and impressive live set.

Highlight: It just can't get better than Better.

What It Will Sound Like:


When: Saturday // 2pm // Other Voices Stage

What To Expect: Otherkin are a prime example of a band that struggle to get airplay on Irish radio stations despite being listed on BCC Radio 1's Introducing playlists (and performing at Reading and Leeds festivals). Fortunately for Otherkin, this is more a damning reflection on the tired and lacking Irish radio community. Kodaline and Hozier had similar troubles in the early days and maybe this set at the Other Voices stage will finally see Irish radio stations cop on - either way, they won't need them and the future look bright for this young band.

Highlight: Ay Ay - made for festivals.

What It Will Sound Like:


When: Saturday // 9:45-10:45 // Body and Soul Main stage

What To Expect: If you were at Meltybrains? career defining Body & Soul mainstage set last Electric Picnic - then you don't need to read this, you're going to be returning. If you weren't in attendance, be sure to catch what easily could be the best Irish set from an Irish band all festival. A later slot, the best stage at the festival, a band who keep on getting better and what else...... hmmmm..... oh yea....... THE VINE!

(But can someone please keep an eye on Melty Brian - I'm worried for his own safety during his set).

Highlight: You heard me - THE VINE! (see below)

What It Will Sound Like:

Aine Cahill

When:  Friday // 15:00 // Oxjam stage

What To Expect:  Cavan’s Aine Cahill looks set to be the next big thing to emerge from the county. With a penchant for the dramatic, Cahill creates lush dark ballads that hark of Lana Del Ray.

Highlight: Black Dahlia is suitable sultry, dark and brooding

What It Will Sound Like:


When: Sunday // 7.30pm // The Salty Dog Stage

What To Expect: One of Ireland's best live bands.... on a boat... in a forest.... seriously, what's not to like? We recently had them headline our #GoldenBeck show and they blew the roof off the place. Aband that has the guitar playing of Rodrigo y Gabriela, the brass boom of Booka Brass and the festival energy vibes of King Kong Company - be there!

Highlight: Riot Now // Also, another highlight of the set will be being to bring your own cans to the stage (as it's in the campsite) - you know, like adults.

What It Will Sound Like:


When: Saturday // 6pm //My Lovely Ranch & Sunday // 10pm // Oxjam Stage

What To Expect: An act that have only landed on the Irish music scene this year, Æ MAK comprise of Aoife McCann and Ellie McMahon. A healthy mixture of tUnE-yArDs and Vampire Weekend with a dollop of Lykke Li and Paul Simon vocal playfulness. Catch them at one of their sets over the weekend to see a new wave of Irish artist.

Highlight: I Can Feel It In My Bones

What It Will Sound Like:

Iron Mountain

When:  Sunday// 15:00 // Body And Soul Main Stage

What To Expect:  A Post rock/ trad music behemoth. Uilleean pipes , Native American flute, saxophones all added into song movements that traverse influences across continents.

Highlight: Enthralldom is a heaving, breathing beast that shape shifts in tone and brevity throughout

What It Will Sound Like:

The Eskies

When: Saturday // 6:30-7:00 // The Jerry Fisg Electric Sideshow Stage

What To Expect:  Another Plec Pick for 2015 - what can we say, we pick em well. The Eskies are at home in a festival setting and Electric Picnic will top off one hell of a year for the band after their sell out shows in Whelans, national tour and debut album. Guaranteed to not let you down - no pressure lads.

Highlight: Jailhouse Sun - one of the older tunes but one that always goes down a storm live.

What It Will Sound Like:


When: Saturday // 1:00-1:30 // Body and Soul

What To Expect: We've been keeping an eye on Shookrah for quite some time now. And having watched them support the equally funky Zaska in the Twisted Pepper a few months back - we were hooked. Further impressive sets at Body and Soul have cemented their place on the sister stage at EP.

Highlight: Woman

What It Will Sound Like:



When: Friday // 20:30 // Trailer Park

What To Expect: Dundalk's RichardRichard have one of the country's best kept secrets. They've been knocking out some of the catchiest indie rock from Ireland over the past two years. Take flavours of Arctic Monkey's and ripe Vampire Weekend, chuck into a blender and out comes some serious tunage from RichardRichard.

Highlight: Choosing one particular song out of whole set containing more hooks than a Pirates of the Caribbean movie is tough. But we'll settle for One More Thing

What It Will Sound Like:

Wyvern Lingo

When: Sunday // 5pm // Other Voices Stage

What To Expect: Having spent the best part of the year supporting Mr. Hozier Byrne around the globe, the ladies are back and looking to improve on their brilliant set at Electric Picnic last year. This time around, the more suiting Other Voices stage awaits. We made the girls our Plec Picks for 2014 and we've been delira and excira to see their progression over the past year in particular. Expect to hear some of the older classics as well as some newly reworked tunes also.

Highlight: There’s a lot to enjoy, but Sleeping Sacks is still a special tune.

What It Will Sound Like: