I'm Your Vinyl

When: Saturday // 6:15 - 7pm // Body & Soul stage.

What To Expect: The bright and breezy melodies of singer Dana Donnelly are the perfect accompaniment to Ken McHugh's groove-soaked instrumental stylings.

Highlight: Erase It - equal parts sassy and sincere, the band's sparky output will be a captivating watch.

What It Will Sound Like:

Bitch Falcon

When: Saturday // 5- 5.45pm // Body & Soul stage.

What To Expect: One of the most sonically assaulting sets of the weekend, guaranteed - ferocious, boot-stompin' renditions of all your favourites.

Highlight: TMJ's angry buzz will hold down their performance, but their sheer force and energy is something that needs to be seen to be believed.

What It Will Sound Like:

Girl Band

When: TBA

What To Expect: Thrashing, heavy alt-rock in rolling waves; a sound that is visceral and impossible to ignore.

Highlight: Having performed their most recent single Paul at the festival last year, it'll be intriguing to see how they can build on that performance. With any luck, it will be as enigmatic as the video!

What It Will Sound Like:

Young Wonder

When: Sunday // 10:15-11pm // Body & Soul stage.

What To Expect: Dizzying dream pop of colossal proportions; heady synths and super tight production make the twosome a force to be reckoned with.

Highlight: Sweet Dreaming is an inter-dimensional carpet ride cushioned by glowing energetic vocals. Young Wonder are also a band to bring serious lights, staging, and costumes into the fray - dress to impress.

What It Will Sound Like: 

Staring at Lakes

When: TBA // Body & Soul stage.

What To Expect: Ambient indie-pop, with broad sweeping strings and sultry vocals to match.

Highlight: The smartly-titled, Scent Of Mental. should knock a few socks off.

What It Will Sound Like:

Roisin Murphy

When: TBA

What To Expect: Having undergone a few tonal changes in her lengthy career, with ‘Hairless Toys’ she has finally settled on avant-garde pop. Reminiscent of David Byrne’s best work and at times St Vincent’s most recent release, the album is filled with impressive electronic instrumentation.

Highlight: If she is to dip into her back catalogue, the dance banger You Know Me Better from 2007’s overpowered would be sure to get people moving.

What It will Sound Like: 

Hare Squead

When : Sunday // 3am-3.45am // Body & Soul stage

What To Expect : Neo-funk and Hip-hop with a Dublin accent. Boundless energy, and some impressive tunes on which to propel it. If their set at Body & Soul is anything to go by, a mosh pit. These guys are breathing new life into the Irish Hip-Hop scene along with Limerick’s Rusangano Family.

Highlight: The energy of Bop With It will be the right outlet for hungover limbs to get going again and set them up for the night ahead.

What It will Sound Like: 

Brian Deady

When :  Saturday //  4.45pm // The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow

What To Expect: Brian Deady’s voice has a life of it’s own. It emerges from his larynx and becomes something otherworldly; uniquely deep and soulful. In downtime between his previous record and the forthcoming ‘Non-Fiction’, Deady, released a string of surprisingly entertaining doo-wop covers of the likes of Kanye West and Hall & Oates. Here’s hoping he whips a few of these out

Highlight : Nowhere is his voice more immediately striking than on his most recent single A Darkness, as the singer croons about over a simple piano melody.

What It will Sound Like: 


When: TBA

What To Expect: Simply put, the best Irish act out there. This year’s ‘Darling Arithmetic’ gave us more of the intelligent and fearless songwriting that we have come to expect from Conor O’Brien. Simple, endlessly pleasant and emotive folk music.

Highlight : Hot Scary Summer -  a break-up ballad that packs an emotional punch.

What It will Sound Like: 


When : Friday // 7.30 - 8:15pm // Body & Soul stage

What To Expect: Dance pop bangers from one of Ireland’s most talented producers. Galway’s Daithi has worked with exciting and talented rising musicians vocalists such as Jesse Boykins III and Young Wonder, blending house and electronic influences.

Highlight: Case Closed is a Disclosure-level banger that deserves more traction than it got back when his debut was released in 2014.

What It will Sound Like: 

Robocobra Quartet

When:  Friday // 9pm // Oxjam Tent

What To Expect:  Robocobra Quartet are not easily defined and it’s the sheer thrill of the unexpected that makes them such an intriguing prospect. Chris Ryan and his band combine jazz, punk, hip hop beats and spoken word in a way that demands to be seen and heard.

Highlight: The whole set is the star. Chris Ryan’s commanding vocals and spoken word are delivered with absolute authority and conviction. All while never missing a beat on the drums.

What It Will Sound Like:

The Hard Ground

When: Saturday // 7.30-8:10pm // Body & Soul stage

What To Expect:  Purveyors of some of the finest Irish crafted alt pop rock in 2015, Marlene Enright and Pat Carey share vocal duties each bringing a different vibe to their respective songs. No schmaltz, just classicly penned tunes loaded with lush melodies.

Highlight: Oh dang, why only one highlight. Oh all right, Pucker it is then.

What It Will Sound Like:

The River Fane

When: TBA // The Salty Dog

What To Expect:  Experimental folk rock that with trimmings of electronica. Mellow without wallowing in introspection or solemnity and off kilter enough to never be predictable.

Highlight: Project La Bamba best encapsulates what The River Fane are about.

What It Will Sound Like:

Naoise Roo

When: TBA // Trailer Park

What To Expect:  Naoise Roo’s voice is the sort that stops you in your tracks. It’s that of a siren calling sailors to crash on the rocks, brooding and torrid. It’s backed with sparse instrumentation where less is most definitely more.

Highlight: Oh Son is one creepy tune with Roo like a more terrifying version of PJ Harvey.

What It Will Sound Like:

Kid Karate

When:  Saturday // 5.45pm // Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow

What To Expect:  Sweaty rock ‘n’ roll, big muff riffs and heartfelt screams. Kid Karate bring a relentless high energy approach to performing where anything from an impromptu cover of Backstreet’s Back to entering the crowd for a guitar solo is possible. When it comes to Kid Karate anything can and will happen.

Highlight: Don’t Stop is simply electrifying

What It Will Sound Like: