1307358123-1“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” An idiom made popular by American educator Thomas H.Palmer in the early 1800’s used to encourage his students to do their homework. Nowadays it can apply to almost anything done by anyone and it would surprise nobody if it’s a phrase that has been uttered many a time by members of The Travelloes. Each of the Dublin quintet are former members of various failed bands but, united by their desire to make music and deliver it to the world, have come together to form what can only be described as an eclectic outfit.

Their debut self-titled EP, released late last year, combined with their energetic live shows, has created a bit of a buzz around Dublin and the group has been tipped as one of the best newcomers on the scene in 2013. The EP itself is a glorious combination of warm toe-tapping melodies and vocals which are soulful and uplifting yet slightly tinged with angst. It’s that aspect of the EP which makes it so accessible to its listener. You could be in the best of moods or in the dreary depths of despair and still find something here which will inspire you.

The highlight comes in the form of opening track Before Dawn. It instantly brings to mind to one of 2012’s success stories, The Riptide Movement and, if The Travelloes enjoy even a modicum of the success in 2013 that the Entertainment.ie Album of the Year winners did last year, they’ll be doing well. Based on this evidence, they may just do that.