‘Things That Don’t Exist’ is an exceptional debut from Dubliner Kynsy (aka Ciara Lindsey), bursting with sharp lyrical stories questioning the validity of the pressure to conform, achieve, accumulate and how to look created by social media platforms.

Kynsy investigates and expresses her disquiet at the negative real-world consequences of these fake realities, propagated by such echo chambers: fear, anxiety, depression and discrimination.

Having impressed with the mid-paced indie rumble of her debut single Cold Blue Light, which highlights how unchecked male bravado and misogyny can lead to horrendous outcomes, she further exemplified her penchant for exploring the darker side of life, paired with an undulating Strokes-esque melodic pattern – complete with impressive guitar solo – with the release of Happiness isn’t a Fixed State.

However, ‘Things That Don’t Exist’ showcases much more than this. Standout track Dog Videos brings funky bass, stabbing keys and brass into the picture, showcasing Kynsy’s ability to adapt to other genres without compromising her identity. While current single Elephant In My Room showcases her ability to conjure up a slice of radio-friendly indie pop.

‘Things That Don’t Exist’ is a remarkably assured debut effort from an artist that has clearly bided their time until they were ready to strike. Irish indie acts will have to raise their game considerably is they want to keep apace with Kynsy.