Eiffe, the moniker of 19-year-old Conor Eiffe, who had a busy 2020 releasing a number of singles leading up to his new EP, ‘On the Fence’.

The Kildare native is heavily inspired by hip hop stylings and has managed to carve a unique sound in this genre with this new release, including the use of interesting timbres and unconventional song structures. Eiffe self-produces his music, drawing on the proud practice of DIY artistry in Ireland.

The follow-up to his 2018 debut album ‘Dynamic’ opens boldly with a 16-minute track simply titled Intro, which is nothing short of a genre roller-coaster. A staccato piano loop paired with groovy guitar licks and loose drums power the track as Eiffe opens up about about how feeling anxious and indecisive hold him back.

Intro suddenly dives into a moody hip hop section, with Eiffe rapping on a range of topics including paying rent, religion, love and the government. Before you know it, the mood changes again and elements of braggadocio rap are brought in, with lyrics like “only focus on greatness, I don’t know what average is,” a much more confident and aggressive tone when compared to what came before.

The track concludes with a more indie-rock style as Eiffe once again sings about sitting on the fence. The change in genres and tone successfully invokes the highs and lows of feeling insecure and confident about life; something perhaps relatable to many these days.

Bad Side once again brings Eiffe’s hip hop influences to the fore as he raps about a souring relationship over a trap-like beat. Failed Friends explores a similar subject matter, and features a catchy chorus and full on guitar accompaniment.

Clouds meanwhile, is an upbeat track about feeling like you’re on top of the world. The tone is brighter, with a warm synthesizer and an experimental flute sample used throughout. This is followed by Find God, a short track that incorporates a jazzy piano with Eiffe’s fast-paced rapping.

Blonde Hair, Green Eyes is in sharp contrast from the rest of the EP due to its laid-back, Mac Demarco-esque atmosphere. Eiffe laments about an unattainable girl as the indie rock ensemble of guitar, bass and drums plays an unrequited, mellow accompaniment throughout.

With strong production and song-writing skills ‘On the Fence’ showcases Eiffe as an artist with the ability to take on different styles and approaches in his music.