Like a disheveled teenager, semi interested in what you’re saying, Hot Cops capture that slacker apathy and distill it over four tunes for their second EP. The ‘#1 Babes’ EP is packed with scuzzy guitars which are furrier than a moldy kiwi. It’s a racket in the best sense possible, never predictable which leaves you wondering if it will all collapse in a stupper or explode with energy.

While it’s welcome in this instance to leave you second guessing as to what’s to come there are some other issues on the songs. Spazzanova just about remains alert enough to actually get through the song. It’s hyper languid like Pavement but without the irreverence. The songs on the #1 Babes EP tend to meander for a minute longer than necessary and the indifference in the vocals begins to generate indifference when listening.  Fallout begins swaggeringly and gave the perception of a band confident in their style but loses your attention half way through.

Alas, the brashness and don’t give a fuck attitude which two of the aforementioned two song begin with fizzles out towards the end. It’s a bit puzzling that the same vitality that courses through of Hot Cops previous singles, Origami, is missing from these two tunes.

However on Televisual and Nightwatch  Hot Cops condense everything more compactly and it’s all the better for it. Both songs vibrate with energy. Nightwatch captures the lo fi grunge aesthetic with Carl Eccles effortless vocals suited to the job. It’s also the most melodic of tunes, grabbing hold of you quickly. Televisual is similarly parred down with , revelling in it’s unruliness, much like a Lou Barlow’s Sebadoh.

Hot Cops #1 Babes EP is nearly there. The sound they are playing fits and they hit the right tone with it. They is no doubt this Belfast trio have got what it takes to be successful in the long run. But on this occasion, they don’t always strike the right balance to truly captivate.