‘A Litany of Failures’ began with a small release and a larger ambition: to offer a glimpse into the depth of talent and variety of sounds in the Irish independent music scene. Volume I, released in 2016, was a four-track split EP that featured Junk Drawer, Shrug Life, Oh Boland and That Snaake. Promoted via domestic tour that summer, its follow-up came two years later. The update expanded from a CD/cassette release to an 18-track LP, the cast growing to include the likes of No Monster Club, Hot Cops/Careerist, Alien She, Blue Whale, Cherym and Dott.

The project was borne of the idea of artists from the DIY scene converging, collaborating and carrying one another. Both Volumes I and II offered unique Polaroids of the Irish music scene, serving as perfect time capsules in and of themselves. Volume III brings all of that and then some.

A double LP, the latest edition offers 22 singular servings of music that for all the sonic disparity is uniform in its spirit and undeniable Irishness. Of all the releases to date, this makes up the most ambitious, exciting and eclectic.

Volume III sees first time contributions from Silverbacks (A Roof For Life), Robocobra Quartet (I Love You), Autre Monde (Didn’t Want), Extravision (Fire), Rising Damp (Cannibal) alongside some new collaborative projects including 50 Years of Hair (Girl Band/Postcard Versions), The Golden Cleric (Shrug Life/Girlfriend/That Snaake), Grave Goods (Girls Names/PINS/September Girls) as well as welcome returns from previous entrants, Careerist’s Pitter Patter amongst the highlights.

With such a vast variety of sounds all in one record, it’s a wet dream for music whores. There’s something here for everyone, be it the Robocobra Quartet and The Bonk’s jazzy noodlings on I Love You and Thick Lines on Thick Film, electronica from Rising Damp and Sorbet (‘The Candle’) but also much needed social commentary. Post Punk Podge and Messying put the merit of artistic merit on blast on the blistering big beat of Still At The Music, while Problem Patterns take aim at exclusionary feminism on TERFs Out. 2019 Plec Pick Girlfriend don’t disappoint either, their comeback song Laura marrying their intense, emotional rock sound with something more atmospheric and ethereal.

Impossible though it may be to present or perhaps enjoy as a cohesive piece of work – and compilations seldom are – one cannot help but sit back and admire what you get on ‘A Litany Of Failures: Volume III’ not only for the depth of talent it presents but also for its sentiment.