Lemoncello’s highly anticipated self-titled debut album ‘Lemoncello’ marks a new age for the folk scene. Released via Claddagh Records, who boast a roster including Niamh Bury and OXN, the indie-folk duo put their own spin on tradition in their debut record.

Composed of Laura Quirke and Claire Kinsella, Lemoncello have been creating wistful folk tunes together since their university days, blending gritty-cello undertones with angelic harmonies to create an expansive and dramatic immersive soundscape.

The stripped back Always Neighbours introduces the album, building a steady sound which culminates with a grating cello score before ringing in a self-assured chorus: ‘Childhood friends, teenage lovers, adult strangers, always neighbours’. Melding vocals that are both melodic and evocative while leaning into Irish folk influences, Lemoncello combine time-honoured traditional sounds with a modern and dramatic twist.

Michael Fury (I’ve Had Lovers) weaves a haunting tale through immersive sunken cello melodies and percussive decorations. Harsh Truths hinges the album at the half-way point, using elements of evocative spoken word to place the sound in the current day. Dopamine explores an honest reflection on the highs and lows of contemporary society, while Old Friend offers respite as a reminiscent and soft tune, studying long held friendship with fresh eyes. ‘Old friend let’s pretend that we’re strangers again’.

Totally unique in its offering, ‘Lemoncello’ poses a cathartic nine track amalgamation of the old and the new. The voices of Kinsella and Quirke intertwine, weaving melodically to create an air of mystic angelicism counteracted starkly with skillfully curated instrumental accompaniment.