It’s been a long trek for north Dublin band The Black Captain from formation to their debut EP. They’ve been on the go since 2012 , adding an extra member to become a four piece band whilst all the time gradually building to the release of their self titled EP. The Black Captain’s sound is rooted in folk and Americana taking in elements of Fleetwood Mac, All Time Low, Springsteen and Paul Simon.  Their influences are immediately recognisable on opening track Bright Lights Of The City where the uplifting piano drives the song with subtle hints of  organ adding extra depth. Paul Rock’s voice provides strength and clarity and  is well matched with Gemma O’Brien’s softer tones. It’s a breezy opening track that sets the tone for the remainder of the EP.

Here It Comes and Let It Go are similarly sprightly with the piano once again providing the spontaneity to the songs liveliness. This contrasts to the lyrics which are tales of longing for love , loss and picking yourself of the floor. The lyrical tone is light such as “In the moments I’m lost again” from Here It Comes. you won’d find lots of strife  or soul searching and it’s not creating huge internal turmoil.  Stars changes the tempo down and is altogether a more sedate reflective tune.

EP closer track The End appropriately brings proceedings to a satisfying conclusion. Its extended anthemic outro that gradually rises to more of a soft landing crescendo than a crashing one. Everything is neatly arranged , played and sung. It’s the sort of musical release that your parents would find respectable and approve of. What it lacks is a genuine standout song to really grab the attention and make you come back time and time again. The Black Captain EP won’t set the world on fire, but in it’s own little way it warms the heart. Sometimes that is enough.