Bobsleigh Bob is an emerging electronic producer whose album ‘How To Measure A Coastline’ is a debut with a rich and varied serving of moody synths and tantalising keys which aims to explore
the dichotomy of the simple and the complex, how details can enrich us in many ways, but can also restrict and tie us up in knots.

The stage is set on Positive Thigmotaxis with a captivating opening sequence with overtones that suggest the influence of the likes of Portishead – simple but immediately engaging, and when the beats kick in along with a delightful melange of sublime shimmering treated guitars and strings, it really pays off.

On From the Sea and Paint Marks we move from the purely instrumental tapestry of the opener to a sequence of tracks where the central theme of the album is compellingly presented, with our protagonist stating on the latter “I know it’s not about this but I still want to feel as though I make it”.

We’re back to the instrumental on Template, a track that is built on insistent almost oppressive rhythms, laced with a series of inquisitive playfully suggestive notes that wouldn’t be out of place on the soundtrack of a neo-noir thriller. Like the record as a whole, there are elements here of simple genius that captivate your attention – the devil is most definitely in the detail.

Civil Twilight’s intro suggests an emergency call to arms, particularly with underlying morse-code like electronic patterns and a perfectly pitched vocal declaring that “we don’t, we don’t mean it” – the sense of urgency building dramatically as the track unfurls.

A Quick Fix – is exactly what it’s title suggest – a wonderfully uplifting motif that carries you dreamily along with an undulating beat that seamlessly segues into Avast, a delicate composition, full of gentle percussive and electronic pulses that ripples into the static distance.

It’s a perfectly chilled and atmospheric way to bring ‘How To Measure A Coastline’ to a close, an album that is an enticing introduction to Bobsleigh Bob, a fresh new talent who has delivered a thoroughly satisfying and intriguing debut production.