Fancy hearing some new tunes and broadening your musical horizons? We’ll help you with that so!

Incase you’ve never experienced The Plec Picks (listen to older playlists here) or are a little confused about what The Plec Picks are, the GP team jot down what their most listened to songs of the week are and we make a lovely playlist of all the songs for everyone to enjoy. It’s interesting to hear what everyone is listening to and it’s a chance to treat your ear holes to something a bit out of the ordinary. And you never know, you may even discover your new favourite band!

As there’s a lot of different tastes in the mix here, every song might not be to everyone’s liking so feel free to skip to the next song if there’s something that doesn’t quite float your boat.

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What’s in there?

Lushlife // Hale-Bopp was the Bedouins (Chosen by Kevin Donnellan)

Not only is it catchy and intelligent it also has the most esoteric title this side of Yoshimi battling Pink Robots. Shabazz Palaces remixed it last year but the original is stil the best. Criminally under-rated hip-hop.

The Hot Sprockets // Soul Brother (Chosen by Michelle Geraghty)

This song and video has fun written all over it. Great Irish band!

Nine Inch Nails // Every Day Is Exactly The Same (Chosen by Stuart O’Hara)

A killer tune from an awesome album! A great example of the dark, sinister music the Trent Reznor makes so well.

Redtwelve // Neither Friend nor Enemy (Chosen by Cqeith Mulholland)

A great live band, some really catchy tunes. A rockband like very few in Ieland, takin there sound back to basics with guitars, drums, vocals etc..this song is in me head all week.

Major Lazer // Scare Me (feat. Peaches and Timeberlee) (Chosen by Alex Millar)

Scare Me scares me. It makes me uncomfortable and Peaches only makes it worse. So you can understand my discomfort because something so scary has wormed it’s way so far into my head that I have to listen to it ten times a day. It’s changed me. But it’s probably for the best.

Lana Del Rey // Young and Beautiful (The Great Gatsby Soundtrack) (Chosen by Clare O’Hanlon)

Got the soundtrack to the remake of the Great Gatsby, and this cemented my love for Lana :)

Overhead, The Albatross // Telekinetic Forest Guard (Chosen by Dave Garrett)

Have a listen and you will know. it is nothing but uplifting soaring music that takes you places others don’t.

Robin Thicke (feat. T.I. & Pharrell) // Blurred Lines (Chosen by Aisling O’Brien)

Pharrell’s little hiatus did him the world of good. Going out on a limb here but the man can do no wrong at the moment. Not ignoring Robin Thicke or T.I, who wouldn’t be regulars on my list, but props to Pharrell for this tune and a half.

Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris // A Song For You (Chosen by Justin Mcdaid)

Emmylou plays Dublin this week and we’re sure a few of her peerless collaborations with the late, great Gram Parsons will get an airing. This is from ‘GP’ in 1973. No-one ever did it quite like Gram & Emmylou

Vampire Weekend // Diane Young (Chosen by Sean Conroy)

Yes, it’s another Vampire Weekend submission – but I cannot get over how ridiculously good this song (and indeed the whole album) is. About some lunatic Irish lass with a penchant for burning things, Diane Young is one of many fine tracks on the lads’ third album.

Gregory Porter // Real Good Hands (Chosen by Mark Earley)

Hi voice, the song, the gig last Tuesday – one of my best gigs of 2013. The guys a gent and an incredible artist. Get your earholes around him!

Neon Wolf // I Can’t Speak For You (Chosen by Deirdre Harrison)

From first listen it is just impossible to get out of your head, admittedly this can often be for the wrong reasons but thankfully in this case it is for all the right ones. Prepare to be humming for the rest of the day.

Gabrielle Alpin // Panic Cord (Chosen by Sean Smyth)

Gabrielle Aplin is famous for being a YouTube performer and she grew in popularity as she did more and more covers of songs to her adoring audience. She then moved to writing her own material. I’ve known of her for a good while now but never actually listened to her but I absolutely love her new album! “Lovely” is the only way to describe it.

Cat Dowling // Come On (Chosen by Frank Hughes)

I seen Cat’s perform at Vantastival and it was pretty special. It’s also a great video.

Vampire Weekend // Ya Hey (Chosen by Claire Kane)

Their last album, ‘Contra’, left a lot to be desired but with the catchy lead single Diane Young and now this phenomenal track, excitement is in the air for ‘Modern Vampires of the City’

Terriers // Sometimes when (Chosen by Dave Jordan)

its fresh

Rocher // ‘Officer, Officer’ (Chosen by David O’ Reilly)

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Unbelievably original and unique, I can’t even define the genre.