Sugar Beats is the first single from noisemaking two-piece Bicurious.

With Taran on guitar and Gavin on drums, the duo are here to make music that “grooves and makes people want to jump around and bump into each other.”

Employing a guitar and drums double act to similarly powerful effect to fellow duo Val Normal, Bicurious employ some hefty guitar loops to create huge soundscapes, going from math-rock inspired riffs to jazzy chord progressions.

Confusingly named after another band, Sugar Beats utilises this swirling, effects laden guitar style and trippy drum beat to built an atmosphere of, well, confusion. “I’m so confused” goes the vocal sample repeated throughout. Asking the band why they’re so confused only makes them more confused, we’re told.

Bicurious will release Sugar Beats as a single on 7 April, with a gig in Sin É to celebrate on April 13.

For now, you can find the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.