Conor O’Brien and co offer us another taster of their upcoming album ‘The Art of Pretending to Swim’ with the release of Fool, a romantic battle-cry from the centre of a technological dystopia. The track was one of the highlights from Villagers recent set at All Together Now and examines our relationship with, and over reliance upon technology and social media.

The video, directed by Bob Gallagher takes the lyrics as a starting point for the narrative: “So here is my bleeding heart… Will you take the pain away?”

Gallagher explains further: “The video is a surreal take on a marriage proposal, which is the ultimate gambit in love. The scenario pushes how much Conor’s character is willing to overlook his partner’s shortcomings, and convince himself that everything is fine. You could call it foolishness but you could also consider it a kind of optimism, striving to see the best in a situation.”

‘The Art Of Pretending To Swim’ is due for release on September 21st via Domino. Villagers play the Metropolis Festival at the RDS Dublin on October 27th.