Saturday boasts some pretty stunning weather during the day – the kind that warms hearts and cans alike. There are grumbles from a pocket of revellers suggesting that the Saturday line-up was poor in comparison to the other two days. Saturday’s acts, seemingly, had a lot to prove.

All Tvvins

Deservedly shoved right into the top three acts on the main stage, All Tvvins return to Indiependence with a slew of new singles to share. The band possess something unique in that they are a rock band that can produce unshakeable ear worms with the same gravity as mainstream pop hits. Too Young To Live is as devastating live as ever: a smattering of synth style guitar and angsty vocals. While they are always consistent in performing, the sets are now bordering on predictable, as fans grow impatient for news of a debut LP.

Wyvern Lingo

This the only time the ‘F’ word will be used in this  review: it is great to see such impressive female musical talent coming out of Ireland, with Wyvern Lingo leading the pack. With a sound so loud, they are their own orchestra. There is a groove so deeply embedded in the fibres of their instruments that it reverberates off the rolling bodies in the Jaeger Big Top. Their timing is impeccable, with syncopated guitars and cymbals. The instrumentation and the vocals are ferocious as the lights bounce of the drumkit Caoimhe Barry is metronomically tapping away at. Sonically, Tricks from their 2014 EP seems incredibly organic with great pace, while new track The Worst Light allows the band to demonstrate that honed harmonizing their known for. At the end of the set, they thank the appreciative crowd, and Discopunks, for lending them “a very important cable.”


In the words of B*Witched, blame it on the weatherman. Or maybe the doctor? Who knows. Either way, Tim Wheeler was struck down with the flu on Saturday, just as the heavens opened and God pulled the plug from his celestial sink, limiting the band’s set to a mere five songs. The band even struggled to make it through the shortened set including hits Girl From Mars and a A Life Less Ordinary. The performances are stilted until they leave the stage. Though at the time, the band were deeply apologetic, they did not acknowledge the incident again on social media.


Never fear, HamsandwicH is here! Originally slated to close Saturday at the Jaeger Big Top, the band slide into headline position, taking over from Ash at the main stage. Singer Niamh Farrell was quick to praise Wheeler’s honesty with his health, but this appraisal is met with boos. Despite this uncomfortable interaction, HamsandwicH remain a titanic musical force. Admittedly, at times, the vocals waver out of tune, and guitarist Podge McNamee overreaches with his own voice. Their performance of Animals, however, shows just how well they can work together, creating an interestingly beautiful dynamic. Cue lots of confetti and brass to boot, it’s a wonder they weren’t headlining in the first place.

Fish Go Deep

It’s this act that highlights the true failings of the new home-of-house at Indiependence, The Garden stage. As their set began, the weather turned atrocious, leading to lots of gig-goers flocking to the tent for refuge. The canopy structure could barely cover 100 people, if that at all. The cramped conditions made it a sardine-like environment, and it was impossible to enjoy the deep dance stylings of the Cork natives.