It’s been a summer of slow starts and frustrations when it comes to concerts and the entertainment industry across the majority of this island, so in order to experience a full-blown no limitations gig our travels took us to Belfast. And what band could you be certain would deliver a performance worthy of the effort, and meet the pent-up expectations that this more than 18-month hiatus has built up in those of us that know all too well the exhilaration that live music can bring? That band is, of course, King Kong Company.

And the legends of the south-east did not disappoint, delivering a balls to the wall ravetastic set that had all in attendance in the glorious Cathedral Quarter transfixed by the return of their sonic boom.

From the moment they take to the stage in their now de rigueur gorilla masks, striking a pose that exudes a confidence that says, “We’re back and we are going to seriously rock your world – the question is are you ready?” And rock us they do, with their devotees worshipping with glee as they unleash banger after banger led by the totemic presence that is chief mage Mark Graham. Scarity Dan, with its hypnotic brass, provides an instant adrenaline rush to the proceedings whilst Donkey Jaw, with its famous tongue-in-cheek call and response repartee, delights before it explodes into a wonderful, uncontainable climax.

The festival marquee is buzzing throughout, with the dancing masses enthralled by every mesmeric beat and bass throb; it is a scene of devotion worthy of its locale. Highlights of the night include Spacehopper, which is magnificently manic and All These Things, presented in complete deranged gloriousness. You would never think that this was a band that hadn’t played together in nearly two years and it’s a triumphant return for King Kong Company that leaves those assembled thirsting for more.

A concert worth waiting for? Absolutely!!