First it was a garage classic, then the remix became a chart-topping floor-filler. Coco’s “I Need A Miracle” is a memento of all our childhoods, but it’s been way too long since the days of passionately belting out “It’s more than physical what I neeeeeed”…Thanks to Kean Kavanagh, that’s all about to change.

Following a strong 2018 that included the stunning Coca Cola Sky and an appearance on Kojaque’s “Eviction Notice”, the Soft Boy Records top dog, also known for his talents as a talk show host, has blessed us with this interpolation of the 90s classic.

“Miracle” is as soothing as it is stylish, incorporating slick guitar licks, mellow jazz keys and understated autotune vocals that blend together effortlessly. It even has a bass drop about halfway through, because why not.

Mixed by fellow Soft Boy act Wastefellow, “Miracle” is the only track you’ll need to kick back this weekend.


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