An emotive documentary followed by discussion about drugs and mental health in music.

New York native Lil Peep captivated a generation. His fusion of trap-influenced percussion and emo-tinged records were integral to emo rap’s crossover to the mainstream. Having lost his life to a drugs overdose at just 21 there’s been consistent questions of what could have been for the young innovator.

Ireland’s hip hop podcast ‘Mabfield‘ and Queen’s Film Theatre are providing an opportunity for fans to look back at Peep’s legacy and discuss the wider implications of drugs in music.

The exclusive screening of ‘Everybody’s Everything’, a documentary focused Peep’s life and legacy will be followed by a live podcast from Mabfield, Ireland’s hip hop podcast on drug culture and mental health in music.

Mabfield has been consistently pushing hip hop and alternative music in Ireland for a couple of years. Having shared over 30 podcasts in the last year examining the musical landscape in the Emerald Isle they are finally taking their conversations to the live stage.

Guests that have featured in the past include God Knows, Celaviedmai and CBAKL among others. For the live edition they will be joined by Clash Magazine’s Andrew Moore who also co-founded Belfast party throwing outfit ‘Plain Sailing’.

Queen’s Film Theatre Belfast, 18.20, Wednesday 29th January.

Tickets cost £4 with the code ‘Mabfield’. Click here for tickets.