Rusangano Family’s God Knows Talks Soulja Boi, musical diversity and his new single ‘Crown’.

Welcome to the latest instalment of the Mabcast where Dylan is joined by God Knows of Rusangano Family.

Irish hip hop pioneers Rusangano Family made waves with their 2016 album ‘Let The Dead Bury The Dead’. The subsequent RTE Choice Award triumph was a hugely significant moment in cementing hip hop’s credibility in Ireland.

It was also reflective of an increasingly diverse population and the Limerick based MC picks up on the multitude of different artists drawing from hip hop music across the country at present in this wide ranging episode.

God Knows dives into his raison d’être in music, citing Kurt Cobain’s unrelenting desire ‘To be heard’ as a guiding light for his art.

The conversation stretches to comparisons between Ireland’s music scene and the early stages of grime, citing Wiley and Skepta’s organic beginnings as food for thought. The Limerick spitter details the importance of paying homage and how artists can learn from the early stages of grime and put the lessons into practice collectively.

His latest single ‘Crown’ makes the age old claim of ‘Best Rapper Alive’, while simultaneously showing gratitude and respect for contemporaries, name dropping relative new comers like JYellowL and OGs like Paul Alwright. That is something that is crystal clear throughout the candid chat – God Knows is a massive advocate for music in Ireland to the point he takes time out to shout out all his favourite musicians. He genuinely cares about creating a healthy, competitive environment for the art to flourish and is determined to ensure everyone gets their shine.

Other topics include the creative foresight of innovators such as Soulja Boi  and perfecting your craft.

A genuine legend in the game, God Knows embodies what is means to be a music purist and the charismatic MC leaves no stone unturned in the latest Mabcast deep dive into Irish music.

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