We've been wanting more of Zaska since they wowed us with one of the funkiest Goldenbeck gigs back in August. So naturally, we're very excited to offer an exclusive streaming of their new EP, Different Light.

It's a musically adventurous and highly addictive offering, packed tight with dazzling displays of funk. There's so much going on but it all works. From intelligent to cheeky raps, the powerful to velvet-soft vocals and the groovy brass and strident strings; it's a musical lucky bag. One you can't resist dipping into.

There's a lot more swagger this time. It comes from the back of headline appearances at Knockanstockan, the Laya Healthcare City Spectacular and, of course, our Goldenbeck gig. They're tighter as a group with Karen (of Wyvern Lingo) and Keith (of Danny G & The Major 7ths) sounding at home in the eclectic and experienced line-up.

If you want to get swept up in the frenzied energy that's part and parcel of the Zaska experience then head to the Grand Social on Friday 21st, November. Check out more info here.

Words by: Sasha Brady

Max describes it as

"an interesting snapshot of the band’s evolution as it is embraces the eclectic frenzy of our first EP and builds on it. This time we’ve got much more refined production, strings, bigger brass sections, even more ludicrous samples.”

Play that music, all night long...