Earlier on this year we brought you a premiere of Vulpynes single 'Sublingual' and quite wonderful it was.

That could be the year high-point for some bands but not the ladies from Vulpynes. Kaz and Molly are truly spoiling us and are back with their high octane fourth single ‘2 Cents’.

Musically ‘2 Cents’  is by far they most fast paced track yet with drums that could shake the Colosseum and hard driving guitar.

It's the sign of a band getting better with each release.  Lyrically, it’s their  grittiest and Kaz and Molly explained:

"It’s a celebration of being liberated from anyone else’s opinion. There are so many people who feel educated on what you should be doing with your life, who will judge you by your age, sexuality, appearance, the music you play, your gender.

This song is a triumphant two fingers to anyone who feels obliged to give you their opinion on where you are at in life. It’s about freeing yourself from expectations and how cathartic that feels."

The video was directed and shot by Vinnie Flynn. "We wanted a creepy video to match this song. Watch closely and you’ll see we are performing to someone, or ‘something" !

Vulpynes - 2 Cents:

Vulpynes play Whelan’s Upstairs on the 2nd of November with Huntings and Rob Walsh. Find tickets here.

Tickets are almost sold out so grab yours while you can. Vulpynes will round off a humdinger of year by heading to Germany in November and the UK in December for a string of festivals and gigs.