Rusangano Family

When: Saturday, 21:00-22:00 @ the Faerie Field stage

What to Expect: Over the past  year, the Limerick collective have released some of best rap/hip hop to emerge from this island. Now under one banner expect God Knows, Murli and mynameisjOhn to bring exuberance and lyrical dexterity to what will sure to be a jam packed Faerie Field.

Highlight: There are so many highlights to choose between Murli and God Knows debut releases to plump for just one. Instead savour the on stage rapid fire back and forth wordplay between Murli and God Knows.

What It Will Sound Like:


When: Saturday 23:00-00:00 @ the Circus Tent

What to Expect: Pulverising post rock/metal/hardcore that's juxtaposed with lyrics about science. Expect takes of eltrocuted elephants, famed mathematicians, astronomy and CFC gases all while going fucking mental.

Highlight: The moment on Heat Death when it switches from it's twitchy spasms to full on beast mode.

What It Will Sound Like:


When: Saturday 12:30-13:30 @ the Burrow

What to Expect: An unlikely blend of rock and ska which might appear as incompatible as Greece and the Euro until you hear how Kingston seamlessly sew them together. The brass section lift them above being simply indie rock band into one that stands out at Knockanstockan.

Highlight: The long mournful brass intro to The Duke before the guitars take it into a full on stomp

What It Will Sound Like:

Race The Flux

When: Saturday 13:00-14:00 @ the Circus Tent

What to Expect: Making their Knockanstockan debut, Galway's Race The Flux bring their behemoth rock to Blessington. Their recent and highly acclaimed 'Olympians' EP saw them delve into more concise song structures without losing their bravado for going off in wild directions.

Highlight: Olympus Mons perfectly encapsulates what Race The Flux are about, combining Godzilla size melodies with dynamic song structures

What It Will Sound Like:

Rebecca Collins

When: Saturday 18:00-19:00 @ The Circus Tent

What to Expect: Collins third album 'Solar' emphasized that she is an impressive solo artist outside of being the frontwoman of the hugely underrated Irish Danish indie band An Unusual History Of Ether. Collins brings an eclectic mix of songs veering from atmospherics of Beth Gibbons to the full blooded theatrics of PJ Harvey and Anna Calvi.

Highlight: The glorious guitar lament of Chiaroscuro

What It Will Sound Like:

Pretty Beast

When: Saturday 14:00-15:00 @ The Faerie Field

What To Expect: With the band only being a few months old, Pretty Beast have but a handful of gigs under their belt. However, an impressive headliner at The Workman's Club followed by a raucous piledriver of a show at Whelan's Summer Watch prove these guys mean business.

Highlight: The memorable, repetitive, foot-stomping chorus of So Cold.

What It Will Sound Like:


When: Friday 20:00-21:00 @ The Circus Tent

What To Expect: One of last year's festival's highlights, this young four piece are loud, energetic and in your face but above all they're supremely talented. Expect a lot of sweat, some topless antics, inhaler(no really) and some good old-fashioned, straight up rock'n'roll.

Highlight: The Chilli Peppers-esque intro to All Or Nothing.

What It Will Sound Like:


When: Friday 20:00-21:00 @ The Faerie Field

What To Expect: A blend of funk, jazz and folk with a voice so beautiful that will absolutely blow your mind. The lyrics are clever and thoughtful and if there's any need for proof of such, check out the writing royalties on Hozier's hit single Someone New.

Highlight: The jaw-droppingly beautiful Cortége, sung in the Sierra Leonean tongues Sherbro and Mende.

What It Will Sound Like:


When: Saturday 13:30-14:30 @ The Burrow

What To Expect: Funky rock music with just the slightest tinge of hip hop from the Congo-born, Dublin-raised Andre J.P Bangala. You may recognise him from the Knockanstockan 2015 promo video.

Highlight: Donal Pywell's bass playing is slick and sexy throughout. Grab a dance partner for this one.

What It Will Sound Like: 

Alright, You Restless

When: 21:10-22:00 @ The Wishbone Stage

What To Expect: The king of Knockanstockan, Mr. G-Star will finally grace a Knockanstockan stage again as he and his new band look to continue to impress after a storming set in support of The Eskies at Whelan's. Not to be missed.

Highlight: All of it.

What It Will Sound Like:

Err... something like this?