More Humaans of Knockanstockan, because the people who attend a festival are the people that really make the festival.

As the wise prophet of Knockanstockan once said "No, you're a festival"

"Lookit this! AHAHAHAHAHA"

"My advice? Don't fall off your chair."
"Basically I pissed in a can, threw it out the window, but the windows were open at the back and it went all over the girls behind me. Yeeoooo"
"What a festival. It's just so good here!"
"We just shouted at him to not spill his coffee."
"We are the Peacocks and we're off to perform a walkabout! WE LOVE IT HERE!"
"I was scopin' last year not searchin'."
"That was a great festival. Apart from my tent getting washed out. But we managed to connect all the tents here under one tarpaulin. We'd our own small community. It was amazing."
"Do you want your face painted? It's free! It'll make you happier!"
"What's the score in the Hurling?"
Saxophone solo over 2 Unlimited's 'no limits'
"Can you make out my new neck tattoo? It's lovely. It's not real, but it's lovely."
"It's a perfectly cromulent flag."
"I didn't buy this t-shirt to not show it off!"
"It's the new thing in sex. The 96."
"I won't drop you. You just did! Well, I won't again!"
"It's just perfect. Look at this all here. And that sunset!"
Farah Elle after playing the main-stage - "That was so much fun!"
"We've not slept yet. Still feeling pretty good though!"
"We're crazy whitewater kayakers. Kerry's the best place to do it."
"What's with the shoes?"
"I got off the train and there was an entire family with mullets. Wife and all. They weren't going to Knockanstockan."
"Robyn by day, Robyn by night!"
"I live like a few fields over. Knockanstockan is the only reason people come to see me."
"Last time I was here was 5 years ago. It's much bigger now - it's still craic encapsulated."
"The three wise men here. Well two of us. We lost the other fella the field over. He dropped his Frankensense."
"I've been here working all week. It's great. I love camping. The freedom is great - ultimate freedom."
"I've had the best massage of my life here. I might even go back tomorrow!"
"Where can we camp at this stage?"
"Didja know Tic stood for 'Til I've Cash'? WHA' DOES IT?"
"Yellow is deffo me colour"
"Here! You forgot our picture!"
"It's a nice day for it."
Vulpynes after their gig
"It's me Mam's birthday!"
"That Shrug Life song about John Lennon was class. It's been class in here all weekend, in fairness."
Shrug Life. Pictured with all their clothes back on.
"I rescued this frisbee from a cow. The cow looked proper spooked by it."

"Yellow is much easier to see. There's a whole team of us in yellow. It's a bonding thing and a friend thing. But it's also easy to see."
"This is the pose of the weekend!"
"They said we could do it. Lets go for a walk and all."
"Ah, it's yourself!"

"See, you can't roll it down the hill cause it's so steep. It'd be in the lake. But we're so close now! We can taste it!"
"You saved my umbrella - a hero!"
"Jesus. I'm barely human at this stage. It's late afternoon on a Sunday and you want a photo?"
"A quick one - and then I'm off!" says the busiest man on site, Production Manager, Conor Biddle
We'll leave the last word with the man himself Sean Conroy

"Thank you all for letting me take your photos. I need me bed."