'Tis the season, when once again our intrepid photographer Sean Conroy returns to the plains of Knockanstockan to watch its inhabitants engage in their yearly ritual, free from the shackles of society.

For legal reasons and fear of the Irish mammy some people could not be quoted!

"It's my first Knockanstockan. I'm working in the carpark, I've only arrived, so I'd say my highlight so far has been all the cars."

"I'm not having any joy with this tent. And it's not even my tent."

"I'm so glad it's back. I remember the year the tents all were blown away. We were at the bus stop and some guy was pulling his tent down from a tree."

"Once the tent is up, it's hassle-free. You don't have to do anything now except enjoy yourself. Society tells you idle time is a waste. they're wrong. It's perfection."

"The best festivals are the ones were you can lose your mind - in a good way. Lose your sense of time. You can do that here."

"Before I discovered Knockanstockan, I used to go to the same shit nightclubs every week. Then I realised there were all these like-minded, beautiful people who all enjoyed the same things that I do. It helped me discover great bands and great people."

"You could surround yourself with like minded people here and never leave the campsite. You'd still have a great time. It's a great bonus that the bands are amazing too."

"This is the most positive festival."

"So one time I... no wait, someone else took a shit in their back garden. Then 'their' mum picked it up and was like 'the dogs not well'."

"Wait. What...are we talking about plunge necklines?!

"I think the best festival experience I've had was at Glastonbury at the big fire. But then my socks melted. Someone was passing around a Frisbee full of drugs. It was great."

"Love is one. God is one. There y'are now. Also, I'm a real life mermaid."

"I was chosen to be a Human of Knockanstockan by a lady with purple hair in a white skirt."

"I'm Pikachu ...for now. I'm on a mission to see Vintage Clothes."

"I can do anything! But it's hard to have a scoop while you hoop."

"You're getting no secrets outta me!"

"What's the difference between a dirty bus stop and a sexy Lobster? One's a crusty bus-station..."


"I am Flat Out Fabulous!"

"You fucked up my quote last year! You said I love Mutefish - THAT'S TRUE, I SO DO - BUT I FOUND YOUR THING. I never got the credit!"

"Tent putting up is gas craic. Quench Demons are on the prowl."

"We're the Knockantubbies. Drinky Winky, Tipsy, Lou Lou and Po-lish."

"That's our legit 10 man tent."



"When you've the tent up and you crack the first can. That sound. That sound is beautiful."

"I got him the ticket for Christmas. It's a tough present to beat"

"Wear what you want. Nobody's looking at you anyway. Sure what can I say, other than I'm enjoyin' it."



"The most famous person to wear purple other than Prince? Barney the Dinosaur"

"I'm a champion tree climber. There's no tree I can't scale."
"He's fast, he's got pace, he can dribble. He can also clim trees."

"All the years I've wasted wearing Rain Jackets. Never again. Lookit me now!"


"We're two girls and one boy. One ham."


"Someone broke the speaker last night. So we were supposed to be playing Classical Music, but we're playing heavy metal instead."

"This man has a better story".

"I'm the Pope on a rope. C'mere and I'll give you a blessing. "Dominicus, Subbeutteo, Salvitore... Amen"


"Tis the Season! (The Christmas of the Summer)"

"This guy did a black-flip down that hill last year."
"Last year! My backflipping days are behind me."

"It's good to see you again!"

"This is a motorised Settee! It's bringing joy to everyone!"

"This is my third Knockanstockan. It's the experience - nowhere else has it."


"We brought a lot of bubbles. ...Possibly too many bubbles."


"I'm the most Handsome man from Tallaght."

The 'security dog' from the Media Tent

"This is Knockan the bird. We came all the way from Austria to bring him home!"

"We had a teepee tent. But it sprung a leak, so we put up a tent inside it. It's amazing. Tent on Tent."

"The nicest people come here. It means it's the nicest festival. It's hard to beat."

"I'm a Forest Fairy. Keep it sparkley!"

"Patcha Mama!"

"I've 232 badges. I think this is my favourite."

"So Carlsberg said if I wore this Liverpool jersey, they'd give me a free ticket. So Ol' Red isn't coming off for the weekend! You'll never walk alone!"

"I'm living in London. The Irish mentality to having a good time is great. It's heightened here too."



"I took a wrong turn, I think. It doesn't look like the Farmers Convention here, at all, at all."

"We're on the way to Pillow Queens, but we've got time for you, Sean!"

"Make it comfortable, lads. You don't have to slum it at a festival anymore, like. Get yourself a nice airbed, there."

"Bring a feckin' rainjacket."

"Bulls don't charge at the colour red, just the motion."

"Oh my god! Sean! What's this, third year in a row?! TRADITIONS!"

Eoin and Michelle met at KnockanStockan 10 years ago, today they brought their newborn baby back to the same spot!

"Bring wellies. Don't trust anyone that says don't bring wellies."

"Can we do three handstands at the time? Let's find out!"


"I don't set out to see any bands, but they're hard to miss. I've seen some great stuff that way."



"Some photographer on photographer action. Filthy!"