Contrarian par excellence and enthusiast of all things noisy and subversive.


  • Q What album would you bring to a desert island with you?
  • A Radiohead - Kid A.
  • Q The first concert you ever went to?
  • A I saw The Beat with Ranking Roger on my 18th birthday in a small pub in Tullamore but the first real concert I ever went to was Metallica at Marlay Park in 2009. They were supported by Avenged Sevenfold, Alice In Chains, Mastodon and Glyder.
  • Q Most single most embarrassing album you ever bought?
  • A I haven't really bought any albums that I'm ashamed of but I have bought a few dodgy singles and gotten a few embarrassing albums as presents - "Heaven is a Halfpipe" by OPM, "My Way" by Limp Bizkit (I got the full album for Christmas), "How You Remind Me" by Nickelback (I got the full album for my birthday)
  • Q If you could rob the vocal chord of any singer, who would it be?
  • A Mike Patton from Faith No More/Mr. Bungle/Fantomas/Tomahawk/Peeping Tom/etc.; purely for his versatility; or Chino Moreno from Deftones/Team Sleep/Crosses/Palms because it's either the most soothing or the most vicious thing I've ever had.
  • Q What song is your specialty at a karaoke?
  • A "Say It Ain't So" by Weezer.
  • Q If you could erase one band from existence, who would it be?
  • A Coldplay. When the music revolution comes, Chris Martin will be first against the wall.
  • Q Tell us something about you that people don't know.
  • A I play a pretty mean version of the William Tell Overture on my cheeks.
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