Tieranniesaur-DIYSCO-570x570Second albums are notoriously difficult to get right, especially when your first one gained you recognition and launched your career. Tieranniesaur are no exception, their sophomore album ‘DIYSCO’ is a big departure from their self-titled début.

Things kick off with a song simply titled intro. The whole song consists of a repetitive beat with the band chanting “D.I.Y.S.C.O” for a minute and a half. At the start it sounds interesting but after the thirty-second mark it just gets a bit grating. The album could easily have done without this song.  The next song on the album surprise, surprise, is called ‘Diysco’.  This will be familiar to many people as it’s the first single from the album. Again there is a lot of shouting “D.I.Y.S.C.O” with a repetitive background beat but with real lyrics thrown into the mix this time. It’s actually quite catchy, and has a distinctive disco sound as you would expect from a song titled DIYSCO.  Love Makes A Frightening Sound has a Blondie-esque feel to it and is the standout track on the album. It’s cheerful and uplifting despite what the title may suggest. The same can be said for the hilariously titled Looking Up The Skirts Of Giants. This brass heavy number is a probable single and has an endearing Dexys feel to it

Is This Still The Future has a robotic sound to it, lots of sporadic beeping and singing in a robotic type voice. It’s not nearly as annoying as it sounds, the odd combination strangely works. It’s good to hear a bit of experimentation, and they carry on the robotic theme with Chill Bros. With its synth heavy tune and faux rapping this song could easily have been released in the ’80s. It’s quite catchy and fun to listen to and is definitely one of the higher points of the album. However the same can’t be said however for Horses With Melted Eyes and No Big Deal.  Both songs are a tad drab and depressing compared to what proceeded them. The Changeling, gets things back on track thanks to its infectious pure pop nostalgia. It could very easily be a Tom Tom Club cover. Tieranniesaur toured with them recently and it has obviously rubbed off on them.

DIYSCO is the type of album which will divide friends and family. Its cheery, light-hearted, uplifting and you’ll either love it or hate it with equal ferocity.