Part three of Dunk Murphy’s Sunken Foal project finds Murphy continuing where he left off with ‘Friday Syndrome Vol 2’. The latest edition, ‘Friday Syndrome Vol 3’ works both as a standalone album and companion to the previous volumes.

The process is still the same where Murphy would sit down, write a new tune and send it to his friends on a Friday evening. This edition has been painstakingly accumulated over three years and carries all the hall marks of what made volumes one and two so vital. Bits of half heard conversations float through from other dimensions which are then thrown into the melting pot with sci fi blips, angular beats, obscure samples and acoustic guitar.  For fans of Boards Of Canada and Diplo this is more than just a stop gap until they release new material, ‘Friday Syndrome Vol 3’ makes for  essential listening.

While some individual tracks do standout it’s as an album that this music needs to be digested. From start to finish it creates a languid dream like void to drift of in. There are guest vocal appearances from Si Schroder (Never Knew) and Rupert Morris (The Son Is The One) of Bats. Schroder’s voice is like an added layer instrumentation while Morris’ vocals are heavily digitised to be almost unrecognisable. Each track evokes different moods and feelings moving from the bubbling trippiness of I Got The Shop to the reflective tone of Piss Into The Smash, Hard Rime Lattice and Settler’s Debt. The latter two use earthy acoustic guitar to lend the songs an ethereal mystique.

Sunken Foal pulls off the complicated feat of amalgamating so many different individual emotions while keeping a consistent tone throughout. Not once does it ever feel disjointed with the track-listing helping a natural flow that rises and dips through it’s kaleidoscope journey. Friday Syndrome Vol3 is a labyrinth to lose yourself in, one where you would rather not leave.