Mike & The Scallywags EP Review. If there is one thing the Irish music scene does well, its producing immensely entertaining folk bands. Mikey & The Scallywags are no exception.

We’ve been rifling through some old releases that our contributors missed in the onslaught of records we got in during the earliest part of the year and couldn’t believe this one slipped through the net.

The ‘Living in the Light’ EP was released in 2012, a hidden gem in the world of Irish music.  This six song EP is capable of commanding the listener’s attention throughout with a dose of bluegrass and simmering hint of gypsy rock.

Each track is vocally led by Mikey McCrory in wonderful fashion. McCrory’s vocal along with Julianna Erkkonen’s Fiddle adds a delicious charm to When We Were All One; a chirpy song with darker undertones.

The title track is the most “rock” of any of the numbers on the EP, the guitar is decidedly heavier and the vocals are more strained; showing a rawer side to the band.  Holy Rollercoaster is a current song, leaning more towards the trendy folk sound that we have gotten from the likes of Mumford & Sons. It is probably the least moving track on the album; it feels a little ordinary surrounded by the others.

Loola, on the other hand, is an uptempo, energetic Rockabilly with an old-time kick further enhanced by the fast-paced fiddle playing.  It is most certainly the highlight of the EP with a rumbling bass, twangy guitar and vocals that will floor the listener.  This is a fantastic bumper EP with six diverse tracks. It’s a genuinely entertaining set of songs you will be compelled to revisit again and again.

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