artworks-000067111646-a32cm1-t200x200Mere Moths is the project name under which Co. Down native Patrick Wright performs. He began writing and performing music solo in 2012 and cites the likes of Foo Fighters, The Black Keys and Fallout Boy as some of his major influences. However, there is a longer back story to Mere Moths than what meets the eye. Wright was originally the lead singer in a band of the same name when he was in his early teens. The group released an EP which was received with promising reviews. Unfortunately, the band drifted apart as they grew older which left Wright on his own. He decided to maintain the moniker of Mere Moths so as not to lose the respect that it had gained.

Opening and title track You Grew Up is delightfully delicate and immediately sets the tone for the EP. Think pre-‘Final Straw’ era Snow Patrol with the deadpan vocals of Gary Lightbody replaced with one tinged with rasp reminiscent of Frank Turner. It shows a more matured folky sound than that of Mere Moths’ earlier days. A promising start. Fight Me opens with a simple strummed guitar under a Springsteen-esque vocal. Wright’s knack for writing powerful lyrics is highlighted throughout with “Please don’t take me lightly” striking a nerve with it’s raw emotion-laden honesty allowing you to see deep into the mindset of its creator.

My Fear continues to impress before the EP comes to a cliff face and nose dives right off the edge. Closing track Reassurance provides nothing of the sort. Employing a full band and playing on the apparent Foo Fighters influence leads to the downfall of a very promising EP. It starts off well with a Learn To Fly-esque riff but what comes after is little but instrument bashing and loose vocals. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was a sample of some of Mere Moths early-teen material such is the lack of control and ultimately it adds a sour taste to what had been an extremely appetising EP up to that point.

Patrick Wright has clearly honed his skills since Mere Moths were formed and the result is an EP which will undoubtedly maintain the respect that he had gained over the years. If he continues to craft melodies as intricate as those heard in the first three tracks, we’ll be hearing a lot about Mere Moths in the future.