Dublin post-rock quintet Megacone formed in late 2013. The following year saw the recording of their debut EP ‘Fondle Fantasy’, produced by David Prendergast and launched with a sell-out show in the Mercantile in January 2015. This year, they have unleashed a follow-up in the form of the four-track ‘Absolute Magnitude’.

Kicking off with its title track, Absolute Magnitude is menacing from the outset; opening with doomy riffs subtly amplifying and building in tempo with rousing cymbals. Powerfully enthralling, the track builds towards a more subdued middle eight before breaking down and picking up the pace again towards its outro.

The humorously titled Crocodile Dundalk follows on disconnectedly with appealing, major key guitar noodling at the track’s fore. A buoyant ambience pervades the track, anchored by pleasurable percussion to add more colour to the palate of soundscapes already laid down.

Dance Of The Sand Wizards carries on its predecessor’s cheerful vibe; matching euphoric drumming with animated guitars. Its pulse increases until roundabout the midway point, giving way to a more understated though still idiosyncratic and captivating sound.

Closing track Straight For The Juggler is a much more sombre affair. Downtempo riffs and tasteful percussion carry the track, with an air of restraint throughout and serves as an obliging conlcusion to the project.

By incorporating sounds and tropes from genres as varied as shoegazing, prog rock and neo-psychedelia; Megacone have produced a studious collection of tracks on ‘Absolute Magnitude’. The tracks are immersive and emotive. Although not the most innovative of post-rock releases, it does warrant replays in its own right with particular respect to its musicianship, musical interplay and strong sense of soft-loud dynamics.