Leading Armies let's get seriousLeading Armies’ mini-album ‘Let’s Get Serious’ is an intriguing blend between R&B, reggae, funk and rock. This blend, although at first maybe slightly unnerving, works unbelievably well – a risk that the band has taken, is well worth it.  The six-piece from Limerick have shown a vast span of musical talent and courage.

The work has it all, from the slower, more melodic songs, that focus on harmonies and highlight the musical talent of the band, such as I Tried; all the way to the more upbeat, rocky tracks like Thinking About – a song which even verges on being reminiscent of Red Hot Chili Peppers.   With all six of the members providing vocals, the harmonies are particularly impressive.

One of the biggest praises to give Leading Armies is that they are experimental, they’re taking risks. For example, Excuse Me Sir, starts as if it’s been recorded as a demo, with quite rough sound until mid-sentence, nay, mid-word , the sound changes. As the word ‘excuse’ is sung, the whole song changes. Suddenly, the song no longer sounds like a demo, there’s no echo, there is an almost industrial feel to the track. Probably the most experimental and most risky song, it definitely stands out. Whether one appreciates the sound or not, you have to respect the risk. Furthermore, the band have managed to do something that could have gone so wrong, but done it well enough that it emphasises their talents.

Throughout the mini-album there is such a mixture of genres, melodies and tastes, that one might call it slightly messy, that there is not a clear message or ‘vibe’ that continues throughout. The fact that there is such a difference between each of the songs basically means that someone could listen to the seven  songs and like one or two, but not be impressed by the rest. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. For one, there is definitely something original and unique about the whole mini-album; at no point can a listener get bored.  Secondly, it simply shows the array of influences and talents that the band has. That is a risk that the band has taken.

Moreover, someone could, and very possibly will, listen to the songs and love every single one. It is with great skill that Leading Armies can provide this mixture of genres successfully and create a very enjoyable mini-album.