hvmmingbyrd-wendy-house-853x1280Despite only being around since 2013, Hvmmingbyrd have taken on the task of a full length album for their first release. This is something that many bands wouldn’t manage, but the ladies from Maynooth have done it so well, you’ll find it hard to believe that they haven’t been around for years.

The self-titled album is full of luscious harmonies that intertwine with well-written melodies, and it serves to captivate and entertain for the entirety. Lyrically, it’s very much heart-on-sleeve, which is truly refreshing to hear. Opening track Coffee and Clementines is a perfect example of this, when the beautiful vocals of Becca Carroll croon: “Because I like you//okay I love you.” This straight up approach is something that is seldom expressed so boldly, and it is something that instantly brings a smile to your face.

One of the most endearing things about Hvmmingbyrd is their ability to not confine themselves to one genre, and instead they keep showing off a wide range of capabilities that become apparent the more you listen to the album. Etre Moi is entirely in French, and the accompanying melodica ties the whole song together while still allowing it to remain delicate. Honeymoon is as well-written as songs come, and features vocals that will capture your attention as the song gently builds itself around a beautiful Christmas scene.

The tempo changes entirely for the jazzy Share The Crown, and again into the very Mediterranean feeling Bluebird, which transports you to somewhere a little less bleak than Ireland in winter The ability to craft songs with this level of intensity is an impressive talent, and each song beautifully tells a different tale in the purest of forms.

One song in particular piques the interest of the listener.  The One I Love is a masterfully written love song, the exotic sounding acoustic guitar combines with intricate harmonies in order to create a hauntingly beautiful song.

It’s an album of standout tracks, and it’d be unfair to say that any one of the ten on show take away from the overall experience. What Hvmmingbyrd have crafted is nothing short of a stunning debut album that is brimming with originality and bursting with sentiment, and one that will propel them on to bigger stages in 2015.