a3897451320_10‘Hunting’ is the new EP from Limerick based musician Damien Drea. The name may sound familiar to some, as he was part of the band Vesta Varro who sadly parted ways after the release of their successful debut album ‘Exit Here’ in 2007.

Damien makes a welcome return to the Irish music scene under the name of dREA with a 3 track EP called ‘Hunting’ that really shows his progression as a musician over the last few years.

First track Fear, with its gentle opening introduces us to the unique voice of Damien; a happy mix of Guy Garvey (Elbow) and Tom Smith (Editors). The soft percussion and piano combination builds throughout the song. With the introduction of a heavy baseline, guitar, violin and backing vocals the conclusion of the song is reminiscent of something from an early Arcade Fire album.

The stand out song on the perfectly produced EP is Through The Wire. At just under five minutes it has the feel of a real festival/arena anthem about it. It builds to an almost anthemic crescendo. Upon hearing it you will be left with the desire to hear it in a live setting with full band.

The final song the EP is Hunting. A much more up-tempo track than the other two it incorporates haunting vocals with heavy synthesizer. Hunting may fit perfectly in the context of a full album but on a 3 song EP it doesn’t quite sit right. It feels a little out of place alongside Fear and Through The Wire. In saying that, Hunting is an interesting song. It is an exciting ending that really leaves the listener wanting more.

dREA recently played at the Other Voices Derry/London Derry Music Trail. With an album set for release in October 2013 it will come as no surprise to many if he is invited back to preform again next year.