Duo Caleb & Walshy make a serious impact on the Irish and British hip-hop scene with their debut mixtape ‘Terminal 27’. London native Caleb is the rapper of the duo while Dublin born Walshy produces the tracks.

‘Terminal 27’ is not what you would typically expect from a hip-hop act with it’s more wholesome lyrical content making for a nice change.

The mixtape brings you on a journey of reflection as the pair set out to better understand themselves and the world around them.

Although it’s hip-hop, ‘Terminal 27’ also contains elements of soul and jazz which create a compelling, chilled atmosphere allowing listeners to escape from reality and fully immerse themselves into the music.

‘Still’ has a distinct Tom Misch vibe to it with the slick guitar hook played throughout and the jazzy synth melody in the bridge. The simple guitar solo at the beginning of the track blends beautifully into the memorable hook. Caleb’s rap delivery with its soft London accent completing the track perfectly and not taking away from the music.

Title track ‘Terminal 27’ has an effective soft intro which quickly builds to its fullest sound as the beat is slowly introduced. This track again features a distinctive soulful guitar line throughout which leads to a nice solo section. The refreshing honesty of the introspective lyrics compliments the bright, jazzy vibe of the music. It’s clear why this stand-out track was chosen as the title for their debut tape.

‘Bad for Some’ captures the essence of this duo’s sound with soulful guitar hooks, jazzy synth lines and an effective hip-hop beat. The synth plays a prominent part in this track which is dissimilar to other tracks on the tape but creates a nice contrast. The lyric: “She couldn’t find logic for the samplin’ on Ableton” being a favourite; a clever line which other musicians and music fans will love.

Caleb’s introspective yet positive and wholesome lyrics together with Walshy’s slick jazz and soul-infused music creates a interesting sound that is evident throughout the entire tape.

Caleb and Walshy have created a space for themselves in the Irish/British hip-hop scene, there’s no doubt you will be hearing a lot more from them in the future.