If green is the colour of envy, yellow is the colour of jealousy. Any aspiring indie rock musician might feel a little pang of it upon hearing Buí‘s debut album ‘Eugene’.

Buí is a collaborative music project, based around the music of Josh Healy, formerly of Josh The Human, and features a variety of guest musicians from Belfast and beyond including Joel Harkin, Lady Pocket Drummer Matt Sloan, Colonel Chocolate & Justice Triangle members Jason Jackson and Adam Sloan.

‘Eugene’ is a collage of styles, songs and tender stories that render indie brilliance. The album opener People Don’t Think is a gloriously grunge guitar-rich affair, whilst I’m Going Somewhere (But I’m Not Sure Where) is a classic indie belter.

The lead guitar resonates with notes of hope and optimism, so well in fact, one could overlook the difficult subject matter at hand, that of the struggle of mental health. “I am wondering how this is happening to me, I felt fine yesterday and that only stays till I remember why”.

It is admirable that Buí addresses feelings of isolation that can affect those who suffer. Healy sings “The rubber band on your wrist indicates you’re ok, at least I don’t have to ask it” on the track Life in a Box.

Despite their vastly different styles, tracks sit comfortably next to each other across the album. The acoustic folk of Golden & Navy leads into the frantic upbeat electronica rock of When The Fun Stops that closes out with a deliberately truncated flugelhorn.

Some Things Take a Long Time is a standout track on the album. A stripped back acoustic song that is bittersweet in nature, featuring Caoilainn McGarry on vocals and Fearghal Leydon on accordion. McGarry’s harmonic voice soars through the chorus in unison with Healy’s grounded vocals. Leydon closes the song with a lingering accordion instrumental.

‘Eugene’ features a rarely heard instrument, that of the Belfast lilt, which can be heard throughout. Not only is it refreshing to hear artists singing their native accent but it further augments the authenticity and truth of a perfectly crafted album.

Buí may be Irish for yellow but what they have created here is golden.